It seems like every single guy I've been with turns out to be a liar and a cheat. Every. single. one. They feed girls all of these bullshit lines, the same lines they tell to every girl that gives them a bit of attention. They make you feel special and steal it all away when the truth is revealed you were priority number 4 or less. I don't mean to sound like a misandrist. I know many women cheat and lie too, but I'm not involved with them. I just want to know if there are really any truly faithful men out there?..or do they all crack under pressure when there's temptation from another woman? I find it hard to believe that I just have bad luck with all of these men. Maybe I do, I don't know..I'd love other peoples opinion on this.
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My opinion as a married guy - yes there are a lot if good guys out there. It may take some time to find the right guy - so my advice is spend some time getting to know the guy before you decide if he's right for you. And if you think he's the right guy, get a feel for what he thinks about commitment. That's my advice anyway. Hope it helps.

Thank you. I hope that's true. I'm tired of being hurt over and over.

I hate it when anyone gets hurt - especially a trusting young woman like yourself. Remember, when you meet a guy, you "hold the cards". Even if he seems like a nice guy - I'd suggest you take your time and make sure he isn't afraid of commitment. This is the kind of advice I gave my daughter - and plan to give my grandaughter some day. Feel free to keep in touch - if you want somebody to listen :)

I was with my most recent ex for 6 months when he decided to cheat on me. I didn't understand it, because he would talk about future plans with me more than I did. He seemed really committed and happy, but he gave into a moment of temptation.

That's the real test for a relationship - and especially for guys. We may start out with the best of intentions, but then weaken. I was able to resist all those temptations - with the help of some "old school" values I was raised with.

If it's ok to message you I can share a situation I'm familiar with and maybe some more thoughts :)

Yes, please. I'd like that. :)

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