I trust no one.


We are all human, and make mistakes, after-all, none of us can be perfect, nor do any of us live in a perfect world.


Things happen, cars break-down, checking accounts are over-drawn on, promises are made that we ultimately can't keep. Our hope, optimism and perspective lack the necessary resources to see fruition.


What of the darkness which dwells in the hearts of those we know and love?


Trust in such flawed people and ideas is folly. It is the perfect way to set ourselves up for disappointment and failure.


We don't have to trust the ones we love; but if we really love them, then we should make every effort to be someone that they can rely on, even if they can't trust us.


Trust is not a means to an end, but the end itself.

VaritySinning VaritySinning
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010