At the Hardest Time of My Life My Inlaws Bailed Out.

On June7,2009 My girls and I lost our best friend (daddy and Husband). My in laws said we would always be part of the family and I believed them. For the first 2 weeks my bro-n-law called and ask about the girls and I. Then he started asking about the insurance money which is only 5000.00 and said that his bro would not lay out there with out a name.  We talked with his family about getting a stone. I told them I wanted a double stone but I didn't want my name on it just yet in case something happens to one of the girls. That way they could use the plot  and be by their daddy.His bro said well i will pay for just a single stone for his bro.  It kinda upset me and I told them whether or not you help me pay for it, he would have a stone. After that they haven't called to check on the girls. My girls told me mom why would they want to help with daddy now, they wouldn't help him when he was alive. so we decided to pay for the stone by our selves.  my girls are 14, 11,10 so they know what is going on with the in-laws. My husband  has only been gone for a little over a month and their already over us. I thought that my so called in-laws would always be there for their grand daughters and their nieces.  I guess i was wrong.  But I have my family who has been there from day one.  If it wasn't for them I don't know where we would be.

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thank god every day that you have been blessed with a sane family, on your side. your girls will help you through these tough times, but also remember alone time as well. good for you for sticking to your guns with his family, oh well if they don't like something you are dong, so what you are the wife remember, he chose you he didn't choose them. hang in there ok, it will get better someday.