I Am Puzzled

I am somewhat puzzled by a few people here on EP. I have been talking to 4 or 5 people every day for about a month or more and now I just can't see or get a hold of 1. I can see they are still here I can watch there posts and I have sent at least ten messages and I know they have gone through, but I get no answers to messages, whiteboards, gifts, or anything. I have asked what have I said or done I get no answer. They have seen all my groups and friends and read my post so I just can't figure this one out. You would think you would get a screw you , or a comment to give you a clue why, but I guess as the group said " I can't Understand People Sometimes" I personally would tell the person hey you said or did this to tick me off, you needed to do this or you are just a jerk off, something to let someone know what they did. Oh well I guess it is just me .  . . . .

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3 Responses May 23, 2012

I have never failed to answer white board mesages or private messages, ecxept for a few cases where the profile of the person just didn't feel right for me..

I do the same I will answer everyone if nothing else out of courtesy.

Know the feeling, but sadly there are many people like that. After a time they get tired of you and move on to the next person. Very few have the courtesy to answer. <br />
<br />
Don't let it get you down. Just be yourself - we can't change others.

That saddens me, but hey there are those with no manners everywhere. For me, well I try to answer all but there unfortunately may be some I miss. Yet if someone is interested or kind enough to contact me, well the least I can do is respond ... though someone who tells me something, like how they are going to screw me and make me feel like a woman, I will respond that I am not interested or I am satisfied with my current relationship and being as I am, or something along that line.

I agree I will always respond if I am messaged. It is only common courtesy.

Exactly and like Shalinigirl said, and I agree, just be yourself - we can't change others.