i have all kinds of chats on here, with all kinds of people. they want to know about why a wear diapers, learn about my lifestyle; and they are filled with great questions. i have had many enjoyable conversations with a lot of great people but the second you tell them your gay, they are gone in a flash. It's weird how wearing and using diapers is more normal and appealing then being gay. Anyone got any thought cause i'm completely lost on this whole concept.
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That's a little sad. I don't know why that should matter. Try not to let it get you down. Stay wet & happy!

I don't mind if you gay straight or wear nappies i will always talk to you

thats why we are good friends, but you got to admit it is kind of weird

Yes i have noticed that on here

it's funny but weird at the same time, i don't understand it; if anyone has any feed back i would love to hear it