I Can't Tolerate the Cold

Not like I used to, anyway.  The cold never bothered me until a few years ago.  In fact, I loved winter.  Now, I am frozen.  I can't wait to feel warm again.

Ironically, my intolerance of the cold came at the same time I quit drinking and drugging.  I doubt it's a coincidence.


darlene darlene
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2008

yeah it's probably not a coincidence...I was just reading today about physiological changes after recovery...there's always changes that occur in our bodies...I can't wait for spring either!!

I find winter drags me down because of the long nights it gets dark at 4pm and doesnt get light again until 9am. I crave the Spring, longer days, warm air, and no snow and minus 35 degrees C...........brrrrrrrrrrr

I'm usually a big Winter fan, but this year not so much. I think the fact that it has interfered quite a bit with my running has been a negative.