This winter has been ridiculously long and cold. It's time spring sprung!


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Ta muchly, you're a toff xx

'Tis a very unseasonal Autumn Down Under. *beams of sun radiate from TRW* There ya go, guv'nor. x

Spring is a renewal of nature's beauty :)

yes, I think march and april are my favourite months

I think it is just around the corner! It's lovely when you can really start to appreciate the evenings drawing out and the birds singing, the flowers bringing their colour and their scent, lovely!

spring is definitely in the air then mizz!??!

Hehe, you know there was a man - bird behind me yesterday! I was walking back home from work and was approaching the zebra crossing, when a bloke started doing a crow impression. He said 'sorry, I like doing bird impressions'. I turned round and said 'caw' I didn't say caw, it just made me smile :)

yes<br />
spring has sprung<br />
the grass is riz<br />
I wonder where the birdies is?<br />
<br />
it's getting very springy here!!

Yes! It has actually felt a little warmer today, and theweather bods are saying that it will be suny for a few days, and the temperature is creeping up! Maybe, just maybe...:)<br />
<br />