I Need to Get Going...im So Anxious It Makes Me Sick.

We'v had 2 contracts on our house and they both fell through, on the third one as months have gone by, I slumped, the desire to pack wasn't there and then, they gave us a closing date but that also got delayed. By now I have been living in a totally empty house except for a few essentials and half the den filled with packed boxes that I stare at all day long.

 The house is all white including white tile. We're moving to Texas beacaus my in-laws are in their nineties, they can still take care of themselves but we need to be there if their health deteriorates.

  I'm depressed with just a bicycle to drive because thinking we were closing we thought we were going soon. The closing is scheduled for May 10TH 2007. Except for four family members and my husband, I don't know anyone in Houston... 

Belinha Belinha
51-55, F
May 4, 2007