And also, if you use the app, or use a sh!tty operating system, you might not be able to see the gifs and images I inserted in this story.

Me at the beginning of the movie, when Hazel and Augustus are all love-dovey:

Halfway through the movie, when Augustus admits that his cancer is everywhere:

At Augustus's before-I-die funeral thing, where Hazel repeats the "little infinity" quote:

When Augustus dies:

When Hazel reads the letters left for her and talks about the loneliness and emptiness:

And then I just kinda collapse and stay there on the floor for the next few hours.

(I love how that random picture I got off the internet actually has a copy of The Fault In Our Stars book on top of the radiator. ^
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Add me (;

WAIT!!! Am I really going to cry?!?!?!? D'x dwehfhrwguhreiughiurghiuerghiu Fine!!! I warned you!!!And when I start crying...it's hard for me to stop! Dx

You will cry. For a thousand years. And you will hate it for forcing you into a phase of depression, but you will love it because it's so beautiful.

Forcing me?Not really...Fine,but you'll have to start making jokes after that cause I'm really going to cry for a thousand years!! Dx

When I watched the movie, I was about to cry, but then I rewound it to the cute parts and I only cried for a hundred years. :D So it'll be owkaii. Plus, we're going to watch Frozen, after that, right? It'll be OK. ^^ But altogether, it's going to be like, 3-4 hours. o.o I hope you have that much time.

YAAAAYYYY!!!! ^_^ I think this date is gonna be even better!! :O BEST DATE EVER!!! :O

It will. :'3 I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT!! :'D

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