New Profile Page-Requesting Feeback


Here at EP we've been working to improve various areas of the site.  We made a new version of the profile page which we shared with members and collected feedback.  

Many of you from this group, helped us a great deal with your suggestions and feedback.  Many Thanks!

Based on the feedback we got we made additional changes, and I'd like you to take a look at the new profile page and share with me your suggestions and feedback.

Here's a link to my profile page which should appear in the new layout:  EP Link

I encourage you to share  your feedback in the form of a comment on this story but if you'd prefer to share your thoughts more privately you are welcome to send me a PM as well.



EPArsineh EPArsineh
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12 Responses May 6, 2010

When a new member joins EP they get the new profile page(Beta) Can they also switch back and forth to the original profile page? If so how? My friend has the Beta, hates it but can't figure out if he can switch over

Looks ok to me

For the most part I like the new look of the profile. Would still like if I could change the color from white, and am not thrilled with how large the print is or the Features smacking you in the face. I suppose it would take getting use to, I also didn't see a place for video's, or any pets so can't really say how that will look. Hope we aren't going to lose the video, also felt the gifts should be higher *S* Just me.

I really love the new layout, i can't wait lol :-) It is "eye catching" and is so easy to navigate around,. :-)

My two cents: I like the look and it seems fairly easy to navigate, And I really like the tabs on stories, confessions, etc... I think it is a keeper, others will just need a little time to get used to it.

I love the new lay out, it is eye catching to me. My vote is it is a keeper. Love and Light Mary

Whoa. It's pretty different. It's fine, I suppose. It's a complete overhaul of the page as the whole layout has things in completely different places. By this time, I'm just going to have to accept whatever you guys do because each time we get a chance to give feed back, something else gets changed drastically. It will take a while to get used to. But it fits the changes made with the story page and confessions. It matches more. I guess once you get the bugs all worked out, it should be fine.

i'm with floydian, when i went to look at the new comments it sent me to all my stories by order. did i miss something.

Also i am trying to access my new story comments page and it just directs me to the stories page sorted by number of views...

Nice new layout....but can we have like an icon for sending PM's because thats what mostly you visit others page for? And also where does the header and status and mood appear ? I think you havent updated yours so we cant see it...and i tried to post this on your WB and it would let me? have you guys limited the length of the message that can be posted on wb? And just one more thing..can we please have that large box to type the WB message in so that we can at least see the whole message as a whole? Thanks :)

Please keep it!!?

I actually think it is very benificial to people who are of "partial sight" it is big, bold and bright and so easy to find the layout of things,. Everything is better to navigate around,. :-) I LOVE IT!!! :-)