Banner Feedback: Experiences Landing Page

 This is a sample of what we are pulling together for the banner for the new EXPERIENCES (stories) main landing page.  NOW... There is a key thing to note --- this is only seen by users who are not logged in.  So many of you who are going to review this... well, it's not really directed at you per se.


I need you to think back to first coming to EP.  You have landed on the main groups page... and there is a banner at the top of the page that is loosely giving you some direction / info about where you are at within the site.   As the EXPERIENCES (story) section is a key jumping off point where people start to understand the power of sharing and stories and words.  We wanted something that conveyed that... we went down this path before with a different treatment, but the "ghost whisperer" as I like to call him.... well, he didn't work for many of you.

With that in mind, we tried something new and incorporated a new image mage of words that at this resolution you cannot read, however, in the banner space you will be able to read the words that make up her face, her eyes, her hair, etc.

Thoughts?  Do you like the image with the text?  As always please share your comments.

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47 Responses May 21, 2009

I like both of them . She seems friendly but I liked the other one also!

I like both of them . She seems friendly but I liked the other one also!

Nice but still not catchy for new user, i mean the image, it looks like some vintage thing, thats the best i could describe..

yes. better

wasn't sure if i should edit or post a new comment since you may have already read the previous ones, but here's an idea....<br />
<br />
how about something along the lines of some people (old, young, men, women) standing in a circle with words connecting them as their arms/hands would be? or they could all be made of one person's words would be flowing through the other person...just like a big circle, representing 'our circle' of friends. or something like that :)

Better. It still feels like something is missing.

put a ,a man and woman on the banner <br />
it looks good

I really liked the other one, This one is nice but I think it looks a little generic. It's nice to see the word make the person. I like the idea of the man and woman, since both use this site. But I do have to say that I like the first one best, I could understand claims that it was "Creepy" but the face of the woman was very comforted as she was being embraced. I think that was the most important part of that...

I also like this one much better. Like some other people have stating, maybe there should be a man in it as well.

I absolutely ADORE the verbiage there...<br />
<br />
"...people connect not because of who they know, but who they are."<br />
<br />
Of course, I have to be a grammar Nazi again; it should be WHOM they know :-P<br />
<br />
But that sentence totally captures the spirit of EP and conveys the message perfectly. Many people don't like typical social networking sites because of just that...they focus on how many people you know, and it's like a "popularity contest." But EP isn't like that, and that's why that verbiage is a perfect description of EP!<br />
<br />
As for the word woman, she is SO much better than that word ghost being hugged! She does seem very friendly :-)<br />
<br />
The idea of a man and a woman is good too. I still really liked the hugging thing in the previous post, just not the ghost dude. How about use that woman and also make a word man like her, and have them hugging each other?

It's okay...even though I thought the first image was creepy wonderful. I feel like I'm running in circles with my opinion, can't make up my mind. I liked the idea of the words wrapping around and comforting the individual better than a smiling face. Maybe have a man and woman with words enveloping them...the people reaching out to one another through the words. I don't know. I do know you guys are doing a great job and working hard to make EP great!

the text is good, i like all the wording. still not sure about the image. it's good and i like it, just thinking if it will appeal to both men and dreamvoyeur said, maybe a male and female figure? or something neutral?

I think it's great. I also like the suggestion of putting a man in also.

I like the it. The woman seems very friendly.


I like this one, the woman seems friendly.

She is friendlier looking than the other one. She is welcoming and I do like the verbiage. This is similar to the current verbiage on the original homepage so yes it works for me.