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classic British sitcom.


  • the spell checker is not working?
  • teting testing, EP (nope)
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Hi update to edit your comment just put your mouse pointer over your text you have typed one click with the left mouse button and you can edit your comment once done click ok and job done.

LOL yep Have done that one myself. as this group is about the new look and improving EP adding a edit link or tab to edit the comment would be an much needed improvement!<br />
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thanks for your comment Seriously Sappy.

I would also like a link to edit my comments. Sometimes I end up deleting them because I post to quickly and it reads differently than what I meant to say. Or heaven forbid ... I've misspelled a word! lol

UPDATE : the spellchecker is working as you get a red line under the word which is incorrect, some software I have on my computer blocked spellchecker.net. however the underline still does not work either way, when you type the story or re-editing your story the underline disappears when the story is posted, (EP) and (nope) should be underlined?? . I have used this way of putting in youtube video using the (em<x>bedded) and the old way using the URL as well and found both easy to do. however if putting em<x>bedded video content is going to replace putting in the URL info into stories,I would be unable to enter this youtube video as the em<x>bedded info as been disabled on youtube!<br />
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<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/group_media.php?g=133232" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
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hope this helps!<br />
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please can you add a ( edit comment link ) to edit comment as this will save time in copying deleting comment and pasting new comment to edit the comment or make changes too.