I Like The Old One Better

This new look looks like the corpse bride,

I don't like the coloring, I don't like the icons, I don't like it that all those icons are gray buttons now, well maybe I am old fashioned.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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6 Responses Feb 28, 2010

@ Mother 2009: Thank you, I did suggest a change in color, and maybe a change in icons, I am not sure if they listen

@ Candy: hugs back<br />
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@ Michelle: looks like you are more reasonable, I can't argue if it's more functional,<br />
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we asked for improvement, so they delivered

I know..i toss !! throw in the towel...hugs!! :O)

@ Candy, I know, I just gave it a shot<br />
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@ Floydian: I am used to it as well,<br />
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Thank you for the comments

Old was def. better.....the beat part was I was used to using that one ;)

I giv up on fighting change ...LOL i try to just adjust..b/c i find things change no matter how we do not like or want..hugs! :)