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We are working on some stuff around causes and charities because so many of our EP community are actively involved in and love talking about / sharing about.


We are going to give these groups some different group banner to clearly differentiate them as cause pages.


There are 5 versions here... I would love to hear which one you like best.  Just add a comment to this story and tell me which one you vote for (#1 thru #5).




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35 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I like #1 and #3.

testing the font size in comment area,,, Meh Still too small . Still no option to Edit comments after post. Still using light blue font color on side bar. Hard to see as well.

I like the first one and the third one. The first banner stands out and kind of hits your eyes in the face. lol I don't know why I like the third one. I just do. A close third would be the one with the heart. But that is more information than you asked for.

i like #1 and #2


#1. causes worth supporting

I like 1 and 2 the best...but mostly 1...

1 3 4

No 4 was easiest to read..light background & DARKER print please. The pale blue is not a good idea.

Personally i prefer, no; #1 because, i could clearly see the sign there, i think people with poor sight would be able to appreciate this one and also no; #5 then #3 then #2 then #4 :-)

I prefer #1 if you want it to be eye-catching. It seems to stand out the best. #3 and #4 subtly get the point across, but i am not sure you are going for subtleness. I don't like #5 at all.

I like #1...it seems to be more in keeping with the color theme of EP.

1 n 4

#1 is the best!

#3 is my choice...then #2.5!!!

I like No. 1 and 4

Number 1

I like number 4 and 3,

#1 or #5. Others are cool too but can be annoying after a while :)

#1 gets 4*s

#1 looks most like a group banner

I personally prefer to be able to see what I am voting for... these are too small for a judgement but if I had a gun to my head for an answer it would be #2

hey Jake ,<br />
i would have to go for # 1,# 5<br />
but # 1 is the best . too bad they wasnt a little biger <br />
but i like the changes. thanks Jake

#3 is my first choice... I love the design ..its something about #3 that is very eye appealing.. at least to me :)

I like #1 best, followed by #2. The others look too busy to me.

I like 1. To me it stands out the best.

thank you for asking for my opinion,some added color adds a touch of class and looks cool ,i say go with colors

(like) 1, 5, 2, 3, 4 (meh)


I like #1

#1 stands out the most.<br />
and you will clearly differentiate them.

I like #2 then #1<br />

I like #1 ... then #2

1, 2 and 5 in that order I like.... 3 and 4 nope.

I think I prefer #1. #3 is terrible because that dark ribbon is very intrusive looking. #5 is kind of ugly. #2 and #4 are acceptable. #1 is very legible, catchy, and neat looking though.