Let's Brainstorm Together --> How Can We Improve Pms, Greeting Cards, Gifts And Gestures

So, I always say that we are working hard here at EP to try and make all things better. ;)

Can I ask you to trust me that we really are?  Well hopefully you notice the changes --- big and small --- and with the site being faster (although we are still aiming to make it even faster), are getting more excited about what we are doing.


OK, I have rambled on too long -- let me get to the point of what I need today.


I want to improve / update / upgrade some key parts of our communication tools for you and I need your help.  I need your suggestions, your creative ideas, and your functional opinions on things that we could do to make each of these aspect MUCH better.  I probably won't be able to accomplish everything…. but I am going to really try to make these things super cool…


Here are the communication tools I need your ideas for improvements, fixes, upgrades and so forth on:


1. How can we improve "PRIVATE MESSAGING / MAILBOX"?

2. How can we improve "GREETING CARDS"?

3. How can we improve "GESTURES"?

4. How can we improve "GIFTS"?


One special note… please don't just say "Give me more greeting cards" or "Give me more gestures to send" -- please try and think of other ways particularly with functionality that we can make these better, easier or more fun to use.


More options is a given and something I am already working on too. ;)


Please share your thoughts as a comment here… I would like us all to see each other's ideas and build on that as a public / group brainstorm.




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lets talk about pm's. If I am on page 3 of my private messages (because of absence or incapasition), and I delete a message, I automaticly return to page one. Why can I not stay where I am. I may not want page one at all.I may want to stay on page 3 to finish the msgs that are still unread.<br />
<br />
I also like pixe's idea for gestures. That way I can give her back the three she has just sent me.

Please add a way to send a card or PM to all members of a group;<br />
<br />
What do you do when you want to alert everyone about a new change in "I Can't Wait For the New Look of Ep"?<br />
<br />
Do you PM us one by one?

I would love to be able to folder or group my incoming messages. Like for instance: I consider EP Jake's messages to be of High importance. I would like to be able to view all of Jakes messages in one folder, instead of having to go through all of the pages. Also certain messages I like to view over & over, because they are "hot". If I want to access them at 2am: *chuckle*, I want to access them quickly: not have to wade through so many pages. The way it is now, I end up copying them into my outside account for, ahem, "easy access", if you will. My biggest peeve is that it takes so long to open & go through messages. I thought it was due to my slow dialup. But even w/broadband it takes too long. Many times I get notice that I have a fan, I check their profile straight from my outside email, and then don't bother with the actual one in my "inbox'. But then I am not sure what mail is what and I in order to delete them I have to open each and every one because I don't know which "fan" is inside which email. Very frustrating when I am on deadline and have precious little time to check my messages. I would love to afford a paid account, but all is very tight money wise right now. Freelance doesn't pay, and all keeps going up except the paycheck. All1rog is SO RIGHT. I have lost so many messages, that I now write them in draft on my outside account and then paste them in so I don't lose them. I don't trust that I won't lose them, I have lost so many.<br />
I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Tes

I did ask about this before - I would like to be able to do multiple gestures to a person at a time.<br />
<br />
Like <b><i>june1999 throws snow ball and runs away from EPJake</i></b>.<br />
<br />
Also we need a link to go back to our own Gesture Board after we gestured someone. (The way we have with WB messages).<br />
<br />
And how come I still can't send pics via PMs? :((<br />
<br />
Can we also have a new icon for private gift? Thx!!!

"Mark unread" option for all incoming messages<br />
Some times I don't want to act on a new message, <br />
but if I look at it, it is marked as read, and can get lost if I get a bunch more along the way

I believe many know I hate group gestures............if you want to send me a gesture then send it otherwise don't send it to me.<br />
I thought it was similar to greeting cards...that's how long it's been since I sent a mass gesture<br />
O.K.so.....give an opt out for those who hate them and keep the ability for those who love to send them...just not to me....smiles<br />
<br />
More get well cards that aren't lame<br />
<br />
Here is a problem solver for me and hopefully others<br />
Put a console button on top.<br />
when you click the console button a 21st century designed console pops up<br />
On this console it has all the buttons needed to go where ever you want to go.<br />
If it is something like gestures or mail or story comments etc each would have a led light look that lights if you have action to be viewed<br />
you stay on that console if desired as another page you can enlarge or minimumize at will<br />
Once a light has gone away because it has been "cleared" it takes you back to console until you decide to leave it or all items are "cleared"<br />
<br />
I won't be popular for this one but....until EP is fully self sufficient with ads... members need to not try to get it all for free.....however i believe there should be more support levels available and graduating rewards for different levels.<br />
<br />
My plea to other members is...........if you want to be here please consider supporting EP at whatever level you can afford.<br />
It is really not extremely expensive

1. How can we improve "PRIVATE MESSAGING / MAILBOX"? I am pretty happy with the way the mail works now, there are more here who might have suggestions on how to improve it.<br />
<br />
<br />
2. How can we improve "GREETING CARDS"? More greeting card choices though I did like the idea of a member sponsor or not being able to upload there own image for the picture as long as it isn't offensive. I like the idea of being able to load my own picture *S*<br />
<br />
<br />
3. How can we improve "GESTURES"? Don't really know how to improve on these other then letting people opt out of getting them? Some seem really annoyed to receive gestures, I like to get them and like being able to give them to everyone in my circle if I want to.<br />
<br />
<br />
4. How can we improve "GIFTS"? I think maybe some new gifts? Some that are not so expensive? There are only a few that are free maybe making more free choices or lowering how much you pay for them?<br />
<br />
That is all I can think of *S*

Oh, I just thought of a really good one which should be simple for your guys to implement...after I gesture someone it takes me to a page where there is a box with the option of sending them another gesture or visiting their profile...it would be helpful to have a link to my gestures in that box. A lot of time I have several people gesture me and it would be helpful to get back to my gestures quickly to respond to all of them. :-)

To improve the Private Messages inbox I sometimes miss a message, and will have 1 message, but cannot find it by scrolling down through the list of past opened messages, if we clicked on the messages it would be nice that it would automatically go to unopened mail so that we didn't have to look for a needle in a hay stack. <br />
<br />
I would also like to see more video cards they are super cute, and if only sending our own like making our own was free that would be really awesome too. That's all I want for now, I like Ep just the way it is but I do miss having the challenges right up there in my face instead of looking for it in that more menu. But I'm not complaining, it's still good. Oh and have you checked out this link? Someone from the confessions section posted it I just thought that it should be brought to your attention<br />
<br />
ahh maybe I'll send the link to your inbox instead.

Animated &, singing cards and gestures would be very cute. importing cards would be awesome. Definately get rid of the ancient cards and gifts. Actually add the new, cute suggestions.

Ahah "How to improve pms" bahahahahah <br />
Very much like EP a little less bloating!

Some ideas are repeats of above comments, but I'm relisting to cast my vote.<br />
<br />
On PMs/Mailbox:<br />
1) Keep message list at same position after deleting<br />
2) Add sort options: a) Date descending - which is current default, b) Date ascending, c) From/To user with date descending as secondary sort, d) From/To user w/date secondary date ascending.<br />
3) Additional action on a message - Email to yourself.<br />
4) When creating a PM via "Compose", have drop-down list available of circle members to send to<br />
<br />
On Gifts & Greeting Cards:<br />
1) Listview PLEASE! It is so slow to scroll back and forth while deciding which one to choose.<br />
2) When looking at those you have received, there should be consistent and additional actions. a) Send gift/GC, b) delete, c) send PM, d) gesture. Sometimes you just want to acknowledge without having to click the person, then find "message them" or "gesture them".<br />
<br />
A sem-related request about editors. Make them all the SAME! For PMs, stories, story comments, forum posts, forum comments, questions & answers, confessions, confession comments....EVERYTHING! As a programmer myself, I find it mind boggling that different code exists yet the functionality should be the same - they are just going to a different place. This includes changing existing entries - not just when creating new ones.<br />
<br />
Speaking of the editor - this has bugged me since day one. Why does editing story comments such as this remove all end of line characters? (I had to go through and re-space everything).<br />
<br />
It's one of the examples of the dialog boxes behaving differently depending on where you are posting/editing.

First, I'd like to see changes to private messaging and mailbox. I'd like to be able to sort my messages into folders, for organizing and saving messages which I'd be able to find very easily instead of scrolling page after page. Also, something that has annoyed me for a long time, when you are viewing your message list and, for example, you are on page 6, you find a message you want to delete, after deleting it sends you back to page 1. I'd like it to stay on the same page I was on so I could contine right where I left off. Second, ban mass gestures! Or at least give option to block them. I've had to remove pepole from my circle because of the annoying mass gestures. I don't want to have to do that. That's all I got for now. Thanks, for listening.

1. A bigger 'compose' window - why is it only 2/3rds the width of the page? Easy insert of pics and multimedia might be good to but not sure whether that's consistent with your philosophy on pm.<br />
<br />
2. I like the idea of the easy-upload-photo greeeting card - sort of a postcard. The built-in greeting cards are often too cheesy to choose!<br />
<br />
3. Seem to work OK?<br />
<br />
4. Quicker to browse - it seems to take ages - why does it need a repost? couldn't you have them all in a scrolling listview or something similar?

I also think you should have a submit page for greeting cards. Pick one a month to add to the folder, as free for all users for the month. ( or something like that )

When you make a homemade gift n such... you should be able to click on it... view larger... have the option of displaying the gift on your profile, not just a generic box or such. We have to pay for tokens to make them... its a shame they cannot be enjoyed.

Have a room for lesbians and gay girls and women so we can talk openly to others like us thank you ep joanne


1) You can improve the private messaging by taking a look at yahoo mail. We should be able to click on (for example) the fourth message down, the hold Shift, then click the first message, and messages 1 though 4 will be checked. ALSO. We need to have a "Clear Inbox" of messages bottom that we can press when we want to clear every single message out of our inbox. Those two things would be VERY helpful to all of us.<br />
<br />
2) Everyone, sponsor or not, should be able to upload their own personal picture for a greeting card for free. I think that would make this feature more widely used and fun!<br />
<br />
3) I think new gestures should be added like the ones mentioned all ready by the people who commented this, but I think that MORE MOODS are DEFINITELY needed! Rebellious and Hurt must be added to the mood list as soon as possible.<br />
<br />
4) I think a few more gifts should be added, like (as ChristineJones said), a box of tissues and asprin (tylenol or motrin, even).<br />
<br />
Good luck and I hope you take my feedback into consideration!

Gifts to include a box of tissues, and asprin<br />
<br />
Moods to include Hungover. I mean hell, you have a drunk mood.<br />
<br />
Gestures: Kissed you, embraced you, whispered to you.

Well, I can say that I send more than one gesture to a person at a time frequently because it's appropriate for what I am trying to convey, it's a bit time consuming to do it separately..,what about being able to send more than one at a time? <br />
<br />
Also...I'd love to see the mood "tipsy"...saying feeling a bit "drunk" makes me sound like s "lush" LOL!!!!!!! :-D