Ep Causes Feedback == Round 2

Ladies and Gents...

Your comments and suggestions and, well, general feelings over the last 24 hours have been GREAT!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that was said.  I will never be able to please everyone... but we are working to not just hear you, but to listen and hopefully deliver something cool with that in mind.

I have four new samples for you to consider (order is 1 thru 4, top to bottom).  Please vote for one and feel free to tell me why you like it should you feel included...

Thank you in advance for your input!



EPjake EPjake
26-30, M
30 Responses Mar 3, 2010

No. 2 seems nice to me!

No. 2 seems nice to me!

your spoiling us JAKE <br />
but we love it!!! keep up the good work

fourth one defenetly

the second 1

#3: Simple, clean, easy to read, effective

I like the second one...

I like the third, it's simple yet the color contrast very well and it's easier for me to look at it. (^_^)


I think #4 is the best for me!

I'll vote for #2<br />
-but I'll note that the concept strikes me as spam...


number one for sure.

# 3, definitely.

3 : )

3 but still too small and blurry to tell what I am voting for

#3 like it

My fav is number 2.

2 and 4 (That's me).

I like the second one.

#3 is my favorite also. #2 came in a close second.

I like the first one.

#3...not too bold, not too subtle, keeps with EP theme

I think id a said the 1st one, though its abit blirry and not many people seem to like that one?

Third one is clean, clear and bright..easy to read.

I like 3rd best and then the 2nd one is okay. The 4th one looks okay in Chrome and Firefox but is blurry in IE.

I like #3

It's a tie between the second one and the third I like the second one because it's a solid blue and I like the yellow ribbon, but sometimes white words on a blue backround can be hard to read. So I'll go for the third one because it's got lots of color too. And the words will be easier to read.

4th one

I like the 3rd one.