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I read / listened to everything shared.  I moved back and forth.  I talked to people that aren't EPers yet.  I feel like Sinead O'Conner... I've been around the world and I-eye-I... I can't find my baby.

Sad that I have that lyric stuck in my head.  OK, so back to the tagline discussion...

What about this:

Experience Project

It's All About Life

Looking forward to your thoughts...


EPjake EPjake
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I like it but we need something more deeper. A small but powerful slogan

It's ok I suppose.

Hi Jake:<br />
<br />
Is EP about shared experiences/stories/lives, or is it about people? I would say probably a bit of both. The question is how universal do you make the phrase...<br />
<br />
Some possibilities: (if you like them and use them, all I ask is to be credited, unless someone else has already thought these up)<br />
-"Browse the Tapestry of Life"<br />
-"Life. Friendship. Experience."<br />
-"Communication Connection Community"<br />
<br />
My $0.02,<br />
<br />

sharing the human adventure

sharing humanity

Too pedestrian. .. sorry, Just keeping it real...

I like Blasphemousangel's idea "our lives our words" because it evokes the participatory nature of the site and those who use it.

I like it....

That sounds really cool to me...

Nahh..... "The Library of Life" is still betterrr xD

it's not bad, I've been thinking about this myself... and oddly heard that song earlier.. One that came to mind is "Our Lives, Our Words" I had a few others but I haven't written any down

Not bad...

...all aspects of Life...DD

...all aspects of Life...DD