If You Were To Define The Things Of Ep... I Want To Know How You Would Define The Following...

So, we all use EP for very different reasons and there is not getting around that... I was thinking about this over the weekend and I was hoping to engage everyone in a bit of a back and forth so I can get a better understanding of how each and everyone of us may think of EP.

So the challenge that I have set up is the following... I have outlined the key "higher" level sections of EP and set them all up like dictionary definitions... but instead of just giving me the Webster's meaning, I would like you to take a stab at defining these parts of EP in your own words -- what they mean here as pieces of this site, what the exist to accomplish in terms of meaning to you.

You don't have to define all of them -- I know for a fact that we don't all end up using every part of EP... but I would love to read how you define this place that really does exist for you.

And with that... here is the list:

Groups ( - noun ):

Stories ( - noun ):

Confessions ( - noun ):

Blogs ( - noun ):

People ( - noun ):

Dreams ( - noun ):

Please put your "definitions" here as comments so that we can all engage, share and comment on the ideas of others.  Thank you in advance for jumping into this with me.

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You are so right!! It is not just privacy violated that lotsof people here felt upset with, ther needs to be clearer lines of defining different areas, and this pertains to groups, (Say, .you like art but you are also suffering from deep depression or some other malady, Another who likes art joins and they happen to be completely normal. People get in touch unfortunately for the wrong reasons and there are huge misunderstandings. There is a fine line of demarkation for all who use ep. Some come as sick puppies, others come striding in happily , just looking for some socializing. The category for anyone's experience or story is too narrow to define just who people are talking to, and what people read the what is written. I did not do as you requested, I realize that now, but having ADHD I read what I choose to see there or interpret it wrongly, from not paying enough attention and to some it would be understandable but to others it would sound like a babbling know it all who has jumped in with a stupid opinion because they were affected by the person's story. Once again, Help us EP!!!!

Groups :people joining with common interests.where they can share their stories related to that group.The groups are a great starting place to find stories about common experiences or interests.<br />
<br />
Stories:in stories where we empty our hearts and minds.stories or experiences people post that allow people to others to support and discuss.its a great thing and EP provides us this chance. <br />
<br />
Confessions:where people reveal their life secrets sometimes they r important and sometimes weird.<br />
<br />
Blogs: its a collection of our thoughts.a place where u can share your thoughts.<br />
<br />
People:its gives us a chance to meet more n more people.there are many supportive people i have met on EP.

Story & Blog:I have learned from many meaning and marvelous stories and thoughts. But some makes fun really. I don't know what to say about this. I think groups and blogs make EP. <br />
<br />
People: I am not good at making friends with people and not interested in much in this work. But some people have connected me and had some nice conversation. They are deep, nice, and humorous. Thanks EP.

Don't mean to be rude, Jake, but seriously, please stop asking/mining us, the regular, every-day folk of EP, for stuff like this.<br />
<br />
Surely you guys can dream up a new tag line or descriptive phrase for these things if you need them. <br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />

Groups: A place to meet people with the same interests and experiences as you.<br />
<br />
Stories: a way to share how you relate to a certain group.<br />
<br />
confessions: a place where you can share you deepest darkest secrets.<br />
<br />
Blogs: a place to record your thoughts and feelings.<br />
<br />
People: friends

Groups-All different types of groups to join if you want. Gives you a wide variety.<br />
Stories-Some very touching stories on here.<br />
Confessions-Some are not worth Commenting on I don't think. My Opinion only.<br />
Blogs-People can be thir selves there and express how they are really feeling<br />
People-Great group of support, loce caring and understanding people.<br />
Dreams-What can I say.

Groups - People like to be with people who understand them.<br />
Stories - Each one of us is a book being written on our journey through life.<br />
Confessions - Every once in awhile a person needs a place to vent or share a secret too private to<br />
share with people they know.<br />
Blogs - A journal, diary, place to share opinions or comment on whatever is happening in our world.<br />
People - My husband used to call people "the cancer of the universe" because he felt we ruin just about everything we touch. I believe we are spirits on a human journey.<br />
Dreams - The only thing that makes our journey worthwhile is to dream and know that our dreams can come true if we but keep them in mind, create goals from them and pursue them.<br />
Questions and Answers - Helpful, entertaining and let us know others have questions about life as we do and that sometimes we have a good answer from our life that will help them.

Groups ( - noun ):Interesting<br />
<br />
Stories ( - noun ):entertaining and touching<br />
<br />
Confessions ( - noun ): eye opening<br />
<br />
Blogs ( - noun ): informative<br />
<br />
People ( - noun ): friendly<br />
<br />
Dreams ( - noun ): amazing and scary

Groups- People coming together who all share a bond through a common experience<br />
<br />
stories- tales of experiences as told by the people who lived them. <br />
<br />
Confessions- our deepest secrets told either anonymously or as ourselves.<br />
<br />
Blogs- Journals kept on EP as to let others know either the things that are going on in our lives and how we are reacting to them, or a place to keep a diary of sorts that we can reflect on at a later time as well as those we share it with <br />
<br />
People- 1. Individuals who have and share experiences. 2. A place to find said individuals<br />
<br />
Dreams- Nocturnal (usually) wanderings of the mind played out like movies. Shared for interpretation here on EP

Groups: A place people join to share there story, though so many are made with one member and one story it is sort of hard to find a group that really has any activity in it..<br />
<br />
Stories: Something someone shares with people here to get there support or advice. I have never written a personal story here, once I was attacked and deleted it.<br />
<br />
Confessions: Don't use them so don't know<br />
<br />
Blogs : A place for your personal rant that you can share or not.<br />
<br />
People : Don't know many here.<br />
<br />
Dreams: Something you have at night.<br />
<br />
I also wonder why Q&A was not asked about here that is also part of the site?

Groups : A collection of people with common interests or a place to share common experiences. The groups are a great starting place to find stories about common experiences or interests. I have started groups myself.<br />
<br />
Stories : Those stories or experiences people post that allow others to support, discuss, provide inputs to, or make recommendations to others based on their experience. Probably the best part of EP...<br />
<br />
Confessions : Sometimes good, sometimes pure crap that people like to write down what's going on in their lives. The best part of confessions is the ability to achieve complete anonymity with in an anonymous site.<br />
<br />
Blogs : People's daily (or weekly or whatever) diatribe. Sometimes important to being able to see what's going on with others.<br />
<br />
People : Searching for people is cool, being able to search by common experiences or a specific experience is really nice. I also like the Random people search, sometimes it's just fun to see others who are out there.<br />
<br />
Dreams: I don't look at this at all.

Groups: Find others with the same experiences as you.<br />
Stories: Read about their experiences and share your own knowledge with them.<br />
Confessions: Dying to tell a secret or read someone else's? You've come to the right place.<br />
Blogs: The community speaks out in their personal blogs.<br />
People: The community we love!<br />
Dreams: Interpretations that may shock you.