Texas Wildflowers

In the spring we will make our yearly treck down to Austin. It will be a sight for sore eyes!

All along hwy 281 , starting in about late March and April to May,  the flowers bloom. Bluebonnetts

galore. Patches and patches! Indian paint brushes. So colorful with red and yellow. Lots of

daisies big and small. Those huge corn flowers peeking up among the brush.

Not to mention the blooming cacti. They have the most delicate flowers of all colors!

What a treat Lady Bird Johnson gave us!

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8 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I love the blue bonnets and the indian paint brushes.

Cool.The Austin area is very pretty!

ive never been to austin but my mom was from laredo, texas and my grandpa lived in amarillo. we drove down there every summer!

Yes, I hope we get more rain too!!<br />
Okay, let me know! It would be great to meet someone from EP!!<br />
You sound like a super person. You met your hubby here in SA? Wow. <br />

That really does sound fun! I hope that we do get more<br />
<br />
rain! There are some bluebonnets out here , not many <br />
<br />
as of now. I hope that we get more! I am about 100 <br />
<br />
miles north of Dallas. The road we usually take is an <br />
<br />
older one that goes thru a lot of small towns I met my <br />
<br />
husband in San Antonio! It is about six hours to San<br />
<br />
Antonio. But we are planning a trip to south texas so <br />
<br />
maybe we can figure something out! I look foward to<br />
<br />
the flowers every year!

Deby, how far South of Austin will you drive? We live 2.5 hrs from Austin, NW of San Antonio. It would be great to meet up if you would like! It would make a real fun trip for a Sunday afternoon!! It would be me, my husband and our 2 girls. :-) Wow, that would be awesome! I hope we get more rain in the meantime, because we've gotten some, but not enough. We've seen very little flowers. Precious new life, it's coming out every single day. Isn't it just amazing? I love it!!

It looks like an early spring for us. I can't wait to go<br />
<br />
and explore the fields!

Sounds lovely. Round here the daffodils are out but there are no leaves on the trees yet. I love it when the hawthorn hedges bloom white along the roadside - usually April although they are the original "Mayflower"s I believe.