April 20th..

I turn 18 in april, so i have a ways away yet.. but once i turn 18 i'll finally be FREE! lol.. im tryin to decide wat i should do for my bday..

1) another peircing

2) a tattoo

if i got the peircing it'd probably be a 3rd in my ear or both ears.. if i got the tattoo, idk wat my bf would say, he isn't too fond of them.. but i've always wanted a tattoo..

if i were to get a tattoo it be a picture of a pair of hands holding a heart, above the pic would be the words Into your hands I have given thee...       Below the pic it would say My heart and soul, in its entirety. Referring to my love for Josiah, my bf

Any comments? or Suggestions?

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4 Responses Aug 13, 2007

Sounds like a nice tattoo.. I am turning 18 next September and I would never be brave enough for a tattoo :P x

I got the tattoo but its not what i mentioned up there ^^ we broke up ages ago<br />
<br />
tattoo says :<br />
<br />
I am who I am, <br />
You will not change me.<br />
Like it or not, <br />
It will not faze me.<br />
<br />
I want another :D

defo go for the tattoo!! But whatever you do, dont get your bf's name tattooed on your body..trust you'll regret it badly if you ever break up with him lol my dad still has his ex gf's name tattooed on his chest and every time my mum sees it she goes mad lol x]

duuuude... get the tattoo!!!!!