I Cant Wait

ok so i cant wait to go to college. i mean yeah the parties will be awesome and stuff but im not really going for that. ive partied enought for one life time. when i go to college im going to buckle down and do sooooo much better than i did in high school. im going to live my life and move on from this little town. i know i have to be succesful so therfore i have to go to college. i cant wait to start over and make my life better than it is now. ive screwed up alot lately and i know that this is the rite step for me to go to school because i want to be somebody when i graduate. i want to have a good life and have the things i want.  i dont want this life that im living anymore.

runaway7 runaway7
18-21, F
Mar 14, 2010