Just As the Title Says ^

Ever since middle school I have been bullied because of the way I look.

I have always been 'the ugly one'. I wear glasses and I used to wear braces.

When I reached upper school I piled on the makeup and tried to change my clothes and hair but still, nothing has taken away the hate I feel for my appearance. I hate looking in the mirror and I'm constantly wishing I could be someone else - I've got it into my head that if I were pretty, I would be happy.

It's all very well for attractive people to say that looks aren't everything and beauty is only skin deep, but I just wish I didn't have this horrible ugly face and body :(

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4 Responses Jul 10, 2009

If that is your pic I think you are beautiful....unfortunately I feel the same and want plastic surgery...i had an ex tell me at 17 that I was ugly...she was my first love and looked terrible...i personally hot the gym to build confidence...my body gets beautiful fire to great genetics....it would be a shame to have surgery and everyone love you and would show how shallow society really is .....i want it too.

From your tiny picture I can't tell if you're really ugly or making it up. From the tone of your story this is more about self esteem than your actual looks.<br />
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Braces are not permanent, and your eyesight can't be fixed by plastic surgery. Pardon me for saying I think it's what's in your head that needs fixing.<br />
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Before you rush off to get expensive and unnecessary surgery, look at some recent pics of Michael Jackson.

F.Y.I--Most of the people who get plastic surgery end up regretting it--they usually end up feeling worse after wards. Look at Michael Jackson (he is the biggest example I can think of) He wasn't a bad looking guy when he was young--but he had low self esteem and kept getting surgery done to his face--do you think that he looked better before or after?<br />
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AND, we're all going to be old and wrinkly one day: )

It not that Micheal Jackson had plastic surgery. He just had a lousy plastic surgeon .

I used to share the feeling of looking in the mirror and hating what I saw. I always thought nicer clothes, whiter teeth, better hair, or a thinner body would make me happier. but I knew even if I changed my appearance and was the most beautiful girlt in the world I would still feel ugly because I had it in my mind that I wasn't beautiful. so i stopped looking in the mirror so much and when I did i tried picking out the good on my body instead of the bad. it made me feel a whole lot better.<br />
you are beautiful.! And from now on when you look in the mirror you should focus on the good and not the bad. at least give a try, your very beautiful you just don't see it.