Never Been Kissed

Well I have been kissed before, But I have not been kissed in over 11 years. I missed being held close feeling someones breath close to mines. I have not had that feeling in a long time.
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2010

Do you get wet when you kiss?

It does feel so good... <br />
<br />
Sometimes I just want to float, when he comes in for the kiss.<br />
<br />
He kisses me lightly, stops, then the passion kicks in. That is when I put my arms around his neck, and he pulls me close to him. His tongue slips in my mouth, Not sloppy. His smell is intoxicating, his touch body tingling. And that is just a kiss.

I meet a wonderful man, who will hug and kiss me, He does it with affection, and he makes me feel good.