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There Are a Wide Variety of Kisses, All Good!

 Light brushing kisses; nibbling kisses; sucking kisses; sucking on tongue kisses; deep in the throat kisses; hard kisses, and of so much more.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 40 Responses Jan 25, 2009

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The trick is to find out what your new lover likes in a kiss, be it on the lips, on the neck, on the breast or between her legs. Some kisses are more appreciated than others.

Gosh! I had bad kissing experience with my ex husband. I do wish to be kissed as mentioned above with someone I like.

I love biting my partner's lower lip...thinking of it now...i need to be kissed NOW !!! lol

Random acts of kissing. A new idea for me. Wonder how many times I'd get slapped if I tried it? Or arrested? Life has become so complicated.

I love kissing if I can just pick random guys and do that or girls its sexy

I love kissing if I can just pick random guys and do that or girls its sexy

Well, let's have a kissing contest and see who can come up with the funniest stories about kissing. I remember on a date, riding with a girl I hardly knew in someone's back seat on the way to a restaurant. We got closer and she and I both had glasses on so they began to fog up the closer we got and just when our lips met the driver hit a bump and our teeth clinked against each other and we laughed. I think we gave up on trying to kiss and never went out with each other again but we enjoyed the restaurant and the laugh.

I'll be greedy and say both:>)

Fleurina, are you asking for more stories or more kisses? lol We can give you either or both. That's a nice thing about EP, you can get what you want, to a degree, here.

Hey what have I been missing here?<br />
That's what comes of being asleep in Australia when all you guys are talking about kissing.<br />
I think each person has a signature kiss, a bit like a finger print, but much nicer:>) <br />
More please...

well dobo, hope you gey them soon!

I'm with you there. I've kissed every inch of my lovers and enjoyed the experience. The mouth has so many nerve endings and the lips are also rich with them, making the act of touching your lover's skin with your lips a wonderful event in and of its self.

Discoverychick... the guy was probably wondered the same thing, about you sensing his trembling! The thoughts are mutual...<br><br><br />
When gently caressing her lips with mine, barely touching, brushing over her mouth, inhaling her... loving the way her natural scent mixes with her perfume... lingering, touching... gently nibling her lower lip with my lips, parting mine only slightly... then more, touching briefly, but ever more passionately... before moving away slightly, brushing against her cheek... Returning, moistening her lips slowly, gently, little by little with my tongue, whilst giving small kisses in-between ... her cheeks, her brow, our noses gently brushing against each other, kissing hers playfully, before returning to her trembling lips... [wondering...] building up to a full, long kiss.... Stopping just when her body rises towards mine; my body yearing for hers... returning to the beginning, slowly kindling the passionate fire inside both of us... <br><br><br><br><br />
Oh, how I adore the art of kissing! <br><br><br><br><br />
<br><br><br><br />
If only more people would practice the art of good kissing more ... they might realize that it is not only "a brief interlude called foreplay" or "a means to an end", but that it can be an end in itself! <br><br><br><br><br />
And of course... kisses are certainly not only limited to the mouth, face, or neck... ;-)

The blush gave you away. Naughty girl...that's really nice!


I doubt that you could be innocent, Myonis108, he days with a grin.

*kisses dorobo innocently on the cheek*

My mind melts at the thought! When your lips touch mine, they burn with desire. When I feel you breathing on my lip my nostrils dilate to breath in your fragrance. When your lips stray from my mouth I close my eyes and rocket around the room, quivering with passion.

any kind of kissing is fine with me

lol i know how you feel! Being all alone, talking about kissing probably isn't the smartest idea lol I love the kisses where you've been waiting for someone (all day, all week, whatever) and that first "have to have you" kiss when you see them's just awesome and passionate...just want to kiss them forever!

Yes, where and how you kiss varies with the combatant (I mean kissee). But, hold it, there is no kisser and kissee, we both have to do it together for it to be fun. You switch back, no one in control, each enjoying each other. UMM. I'm all alone talking about this and that's bad!

it's amazing how kissing, in general, is all the same concept...but yet completely different with each and every person!

I hope never to have it repeated. It was like kissing the edge of the grand canyon.

lol oh my, that does sound like a weird kiss!

I can tell you about a weird one. I was dating this woman and we went out to dinner and I took her back to her car (first date). As I parked, she made no move to leave so I turned to her and moved my face closer to hers and she slightly parted her lips so I kissed her and slowly, my tongue went experimentally into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and didn't suck on my tongue, touch it with hers or withdraw. I thought I'd fall down her throat. It was the weirdest kiss I ever was part of. I have no idea what she was thinking. Things went downhill from there.

What was the best kiss, dorobo? Give us a little memoir exerpt. ;)

kissing someone new is always an exhilarating experience no matter what your age! :)

I've been told that so many times I'm really thinking about doing it. People wouldn't believe me so I'm thinking about spreading the experiences among several characters to get it all in without looking like I'm bragging. Maybe I'll just pull it off this time.

Wow, you should write your memoirs!<br />
<br />
Strange, no. Beautiful? Yeah.

Even though I'm an old fart and have kissed millions of people in my life my knees still get soft when I kiss someone new for the first time. Strange? Or is that a symptom of old age?