Been So Long

I haven't been kissed passionately in about two years. My wife seems to have lost interest in really kissing, other than pecks on the lips, along with losing interest in sex.

I want & need deep, wet, passionate kisses to set my body on fire. I love tongue playing, gently sucking a woman's tongue, sharing the taste and wetness between us. Love to have both of our mouths drenched from kissing, swallowing some, sharing all. It is probably the single most sensual thing that you can share with someone...

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Passionate kisses could be one of the most sensual forms of foreplay. The intake and shortness of breath, the wanton eyes, the slow kisses that turn into insistent need and deepening desire with every taste....<br />
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I'd say I'm somewhat familiar with it.

I agree with you on that...I love to kiss. Especially the deep, hot passionate kisses...