College is one of the things in life I actually look forward to the most. To me, it feels so good when I learn something new. It makes me feel like that's just one more piece of life's puzzle I've figured out.
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1 Response Apr 27, 2007

I think that's a wonderful idea! <br />
I'm homeschooled and I'm earning credits online because the school here wouldn't except me as anything higher than a freshmen because I didn't have the right kind of credits. I can't wait to go back to regular school because I want to have the highschool experience instead of being homeschooled until college. I've gotten the reputation of being stupid a few times.. (I haven't gone past freshman level yet and I should be a Jr.) It gets depressing sometimes and I wish my parents would have put me in public school when I actually was supposed to be a freshman. We kept moving and so my mom didn't think I'd have time to go to new schools. I ended up not getting around to what I was supposed to be learning and now I'm stuck trying to cram everything in and hoping that I won't have to jump back a grade.. or two. I'm hoping to catch up by fall. Wish me luck! I wish you all the same! =)