New Fiancee!!

I was just engaged on Sept. 1 in the am on Miami South Beach.. I am so excited about marrying my marine, but there are so many things to think about and get organized. First I don't even know when he is coming home.. I think Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure.. Then I can't even get a wedding date, until I know where the heck he is going to be stationed or when we can even talk about all this. Im so confused because how do I do all this alone????

I am the happiest I've ever been in my whole life, but I am so confused on how I can plan this wedding with out much of his help.. Is anyone in this situation?? Any advice??

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yea well my marine was at basic and i planned our wedding all by myself wit my moms help and when he came home on boot leave we got married i plannd it in 2 and half months and it was so beautiful

Hey girl!<br />
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I know how you feel. My marine and I just got engaged and we are getting married sometime between August-October 2009. It all depends on if he gets to come home and go to school for his Marine Comissioning thing (they pay for him to go to school and just about everything). It's tough, because I am planning with wedding and there is A LOT to do. I didn't think that there would be THIS MUCH to do! AHHH! Just be ready when he keeps changing things around, because that is what is happening to us. Just know that you need to have places and ideas in mind and to call those places and ask if they will schedule short notice things. You shouldn't have a problem at all. Do you know what your colors are?<br />
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Wedding dress shopping is SO stressful, or it's just the lady that helped me. She was SO spacey and kept forgetting about me and bringing me dresses I didn't even look at for me to try on...I wouldn't have minded it, if they were the type I was looking for. It's always good to have your best friend with you, someone that knows your taste!<br />
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Good luck!

Hey, first off Congratulation!!! I'm so excited for you!!I'm not officially engaged yet according to my parents. But my marine gets to come home for christmas and thats when he's going to ask my Dad for my hand. We're going to get Married next June and I'm so stressed out, there are so many things to plan and pick out and get organized but i'm so excited. I'll probably be doing it alone, with help of his mom and hopefully my mom will get over herself and help me too. I can't wait, its the most amazing thing ever!! I'm not sure where to begin on the wedding planning. I'm worried about the cost too. I'm trying to look at magazines and get ideas for dresses and the colors...oh man!

awww congrats!! i cant wait til the day my marine asks me to marry him =] and i know i'll be planning it on my own too. but you know everything will turn out perfect for you and it'll be the best day of your life. its just the days in between that are going to be hard but enjoy it!

girl im not in that situation..yet. but im pretty sure when my marine pops the question i will be planning the wedding on my own too. just go to your family like your mom, sister if you have one, a close friend just someone that knows you well and someone who you trust their opinions! trust me they will want to help<br />
also try google-ing some stuff you'd be surprised what you can find! all you need from your man is the days he will be home and any preferences he has!<br />
good luck girl im here any time<br />