Just Me And My Marine

ive known my marine for about 6 years...but weve only been dating since september. He was in boot camp when we started talking again, but after about 3 months he started to freak out a little saying that he didnt want to talk to me anymore because he didnt want to hurt me in the future and didnt want me to be worried about him when he gets deployed.

well....i didnt listen to him when he told me to leave him alone. we still talked everyday, and we would make plans for when he came home. and when he did come hoome we went on out first date, at the end of our date he brought me home and gave me a kis and said, "will you take care of something for me??" i said, "sure" and he puts a small envolope in my hand...i opened it and it was his dogtags. =]


Ever since then we have been suuuuper happy and a few weeks after he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yess. its been a little over a month since then and he says he loves me and i love him too with all my heart!! and i told him i want to marry him and he says the same...hes already started planning the wedding basically. im a little nervous but excited at the same time. we said were not going to get married until we have the money and everything. but i know were moving fast but it feels sooooo right with him. and the good part is his unit wont be deployed for about 2 years or so.

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My story is very similar...only difference is we broke up for a few weeks because he wasnt sure if i could take the stress of him being deployed for the first time....but he always tells me now that we are back together that after i finish my 2 yrs of school...he will marry me [and he's always been a man of his word]. so im waitin! :) Good luck to you and yours!

I love your story! My boyfriend and i broke up like 5 months beforehe went to bootcamp...and started dating through our letters! hes now telling me tht hes not sure about us because he doesnt want to hurt me....or get deployed and have me worry. but what these guys dont realize is that god picked the strongest women and made them marine girlfriends! Good luck with everything!