Went Crazy This Year.

I just finished planting my tomato garden. 40 plants, 20 different varieties. I just realized that if it all works out, i will be be buried under tomatoes come harvest. Oh-uh!

July 28
I have been feasting on cherry tomatoes for weeks and just now some of the large ones turned ripe ..yum. I even had fried green ones, since a heavy storm broke off some branched loaded with green tomatoes and well...perfect opportunity :)))

And this is just the beginning! 

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Mmmm, LOVE vine ripened tomatoes & green ones ... delish!

Love to bring in a harvest, even if its just a handful :)
and I have found the more varieties you plant the better! as some will inevitably attract more bugs then other types

Hi, Trail Guide, I don't know of you saw my story about my sad little garden this summer, but I got just one cherry tomato. I shared it with my mother. It was good, but I had visions of scores of them. My mom is a good tomato grower, but she's shifted to spices, so I miss the buckets of cherry tomatoes we used to have in August and September. I tried to grow carrots, too, but made a complete mess of it.

I have three plants but two aren't looking too well :(

Oh no! :( What's wrong with them ?

My mom has grown tomato plants for years and I'm getting to like tomatoes. Especially cherry tomatoes. Right off the vine. Yum.

Yum, indeed Mary. I eat cherry tomatoes like candy right in the garden :)

Fantastic! I'll come by in July and share my green tomato recipes. yum!<br />
<br />
Datura, is right. In my area, we have "Plant A Row For the Hungry." Last year they collected 107,000 lbs of donated produce!

Oh there is nothing better than fried green tomatoes....I will bake cornbread and bring a jug of ice cold sweet tea! If you let me come, I'll make a strawberry short cake too!

Oh yummmy party, indeed ! Of course you can come hillbillycrone :) Fried green tomatoes are amazing! Can we start frying them little green ones in early July, Lilt ? ;) I just can't wait.

We don't even have to fry them. I have a green tomato casserole that will knock your socks off.

Wow! Hehe, knock my socks off, sock...please (sorry couldn't resist :))
Would love to try that casserole.

Seriously, don't take the socks off. The casserole is baked at 400 degrees.

Ah ok. It really sounds like a must try.

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You may have a terrific donation for a local soup kitchen for the needy! It's all good :-)

Hey, that is a great idea ! :)

Come on Des, you can do it. You can grow that thing. Plant it deep, feed it, water it and talk to it...hehe. But since you only have one you still have to come here for a real feast :) Make tomato eating plans for mid August!