Murder In the Garden

At the moment it's as big as my thumbnail

Here's my plan with a little detail

Mom grabs a saltshaker and eats her kid

Having no regrets, I'll be glad I did

As the hot skin pops and spurts it's juice

No matter how it struggles I won't turn it loose

I'll wipe the drool from the corners of my lips

Feelings of satisfaction this will not eclipse

Waiting for the bounty and abundance

Leave the garden with a hungry glance

aftermath aftermath
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9 Responses Jul 23, 2009

Just checked the "children" and they are growing by leaps and bounds. I am dreaming of "seeing red" on those stems!

Thank you Paulina, I love you too, more than you know. So glad to see you here!!!! ;~)

Another wonderful poem from my favorite sis. I love your mind. It's so much like mine!

There I go drooling again. In the rain I found a few more in addition to squash, cucumbers, peas, beets and beans! The peppers are slow. I planted some that are supposed to have a hint of chocolate...yummy.<br />

Yes they are like children and I would NEVER think of mistreating my real life children....once again I was just being silly and having fun.

I loved the poem ! beautifully done,,,,,, but I have never thought of my plants fruit as my children,,,,,, I`m more in the OMG,,,,, aren`t they cute little suckers, as each tiny tomatoe shows it self and begins to grow into a fat, lush, red flaming ball of goodness, creation happening before my eyes,,,,,, then the reward for all the love and care I`v invested,,,,, what a great relationship,,,,,

Are you kidding me? Real tomatoes are one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts. What a dandy inspiration it was too!

I am so excited and cannot believe I was inspired by a tomato!

I plan on becoming a serial killer :)