I Absolutely Can't Wait!!!

Until this life is over!!!!

As long as it's not before I see the Stevie Nicks concert in April...and Heart in June! But I really can't wait until we are all in the afterlife together.... then they can sing for me and my best friend that has already passed.....up close and personal!

QueenOfHearts QueenOfHearts
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Thanks echo!! <br />
I just have this idea of the afterlife in my mind..that it is going to be this place full of extacy...a place where you don't have to encounter these messed up emotions... Why wouldn't I want to go to place...where I can trade riffs with Jimi Hendrix, hanging out with janis joplin..lmao...thats my kind of afterlife XD<br />
Everyone has "those days"...unfortunately.. some more frequent than others.<br />
Thanks so much for droping by this old post, and sharing :D

Well, I feel similar to the after life thing.. and there are definetely days I just say "I wish I'd die" lol not like.. always in a bad way (though some days it IS in a bad way) but yeah... I get where you're coming from there :)

Thank you...well *sigh* I'm still here!!! haha I am feeling a little more hopefull than when I wrote this...and set some goals so.... Yeah there are some things I want to stick around for...a little while longer and see how it goes.

I'm hoping something/someone else comes up that might make you want to stay a little longer. There is always something to look forward to in life, even if it is just something small. hang in there, and don't watch the clock, till the end. Stay positive! MAny blessings.

after june there will be more you want to go see stay and enjoy for a while longer plase