For Now...

This group caught my attention and I had to post now, without any preparation. I'll comment later when I've thought it out more. For starters, I'll say:

"The Wicker Man"

"Alien 4"

Ang Lee's "The Hulk"

"Donnie Darko"

"The Postman"

"The Children of Men"

"Jersey Girl" (sorry, Kevin)


"Star Wars: The Clone Wars"


TheEtherBunny TheEtherBunny
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8 Responses Mar 16, 2009

You're caving... No!... Don't!... Stop!

Actually, I'm not really sure I liked the movie to begin with. I think I only liked it because of the guy in it. But he was forgettable. So...meh.

Don't give up your principles, girl! If you like the movie, then like it. I'm sure that 'certain someone' likes movies that you think are dog turds.

I've seen it before. In the theater actually, but there was a time that I kind of didn't hate it. But for certain reasons, and for a certain someone, I denounced the movie.

You finally saw it? I appreciate what they tried to do, "Godzilla" meets "Blair Witch Project", but the shakey camera got out of hand more than a few times and the story really needed work.

I denounced "Cloverfield".

Even he wasn't enough to save that movie. There was only one good part, everything else was boring to me.

I'll give you all of them except "Children of Men". I liked that movie. Clive Owen!!