Sunday Drives

My husband & I like to take spur-of-the-moment Sunday drives. Whenever we do, we try to find obscure "highways" to take. One of the best things about the roads we find I that they are VERY low traffic routes. We ALWAYS find a nice little spot to pull over for some ├╝ber yummy daytime car/road sex!! Sometimes we put the seats down & get in the back of the car. Sometimes he just bends me over the front seat. Either way, I love it!! One time, he was driving through one of our many small towns & I rode the whole way completely naked while he played around with my sweet bits til I was shaking & convulsing with pleasure!! It was quite exhilarating!! The possibility if getting caught(which we have) makes it even more fun!! We've been busted by truckers a few times with me giving him some awesome road head!! We only knew we were busted when they started honking their horns!! I miss the days of bench seats & naked road trips!! Right now the console kind of hinders some of the things I like to do, but I make it happen!! My plan is to save up & buy an older truck with a bench seat so we can increase our mobile activities!! Can't wait to ride him while he's doing 80mph down a dirt road!! :)
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Road head is the best. I used to date a girl who loved to be fingered on long trips, while I was driving. Loved making her moan in the passenger seat, and she always reciprocated afterwards.

80 mph seems a little dangerous to me. Can he keep control of the car when he ********** ??

damn that sounds hot...would love to see you guys in action on the road...

I saw Lol you nearly hit the deer ,dear lol :)

you sound like fun

Wow that sounds like fun, the thrill of getting caught is so blissful

wow so nice....