Fooling around in the car.... When I was in high school, because we both had fairly strict parents, my g/f and I would fool around in the car a lot. (No *******, but plenty of hot stuff.)
Loved having her ride me and grind against my hard ****. She would wear these tight little T-shirts that showed off her perky little **** perfectly. I'd grind her up and down, playing with those **** for a while. Made me *** every time!
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My first g/f and i had sex in a small car up to four times a week.She sitting in the passenger seat ,me kneeling in the foot well,between her legs.It was a good position for her and she loved it.
We found a series of isolated pull ins, with little chance of being disturbed.

On one occasion, up in the hills, in mid summer, still light at ten o clock , i had her big **** out and was pumping into her, when i spotted an old guy watching from the bushes. I initially jumped and told her, then oddly a little turned on. I thought he had scarpered, but when i caught him again, i didn't let on and let him watch me, suck on her big nipples as we went at it like rabbits.
We nodded at each other, tentatively and after a while , i wound the window down a little more.