What To Do??

I need help.. I have friend who I have known for a long time and we trust each other allot! When he first started speaking to me he was very insecure about himself and was so afraid that I'd judge him, and it took some time to talk to him and convince him that I wasn't going to judge him, i really liked him for who he was and how he said things, i enjoyed speaking to him and he really did trust me as much as i trusted him, he was also a very good listener.

He recently went to a new school, he hadn't't been to a school in a long time because he had problems with people beating him up and judging him. i was really happy for him but he was really scared, he then started to make friends and that made me really happy because he was so relieved that no one judged him... then something went really wrong, this group he hangs out with has been a terrible influence on him, he started smoking, getting drunk and not doing his work just to fit in, he became a real jerk towards me as well... i've tried to talk to him and tell him i miss the person he used to be, the sensitive one who cared about how people felt... his called me so many things that had really hurt me, but i keep going back because i know its not him! i know this is just who he thinks he is because he wants to fit in, what do i tell him? how can i try get the friend i care for so much back? =[

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Seeing as this post was since 3 years ago, I wonder what happened between you two. I'm facing a similar situation, but what I did is that I dumped that "friend" and moved on.