Where Are You, And Why?

Oh my, Rich, I have heard the most unsettling things about you lately. After this long, it shouldn't bother me, I haven't seen you since the '90s. But somehow, I still have a soft spot for you and only wish you well.

What the BLEEP happened?!? According to your cousins, you have left your wife/girlfriend and dropped off the map. I also did a little rooting around and found a bench warrent for your arrest (apparently you stopped paying child support? It's a domestic relations case.). How did things go so horribly wrong, and why can't/won't you talk to any of your friends and family?

God, I only hope you are alive and well out there somewhere... And if the mood ever strikes, and you need someone to talk to, give a call to any of us. Yes, we'll bust your chops some, but, ya know we're concerned and care about you.
hawkmistress hawkmistress
46-50, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

I hope your friend reads this and responds to you.It sounds like he needs a friend like you at this time.Hard to find friends that are always willing to reach out even though they hear disturbing news about the person.Good for you for being there for your old time friend.