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I wonder ifanyone ever stops to think of the people that they share/shared their lives with. I stop and think... look back to my days in high-school and all the people I knew and shared the hallways and classrooms with. I think about my mindset back then and wonder how many others thought that they were alone... that thought noone knew or couldpossibly understand what they are going through. I wonder if they have realized that they aren't alone. I wonder if they ever opened up to anybody? or if they still keep it bottledup like me.. I Hope that one day we will all be able to let it out. I hope that we all realize how much of an impact we make on one other. I hope people can see... they are important
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

people in our lives make all sorts of impacts on us ,some very small some are huge the people we meet and see in our lives shape us for our future dont you think,every day changes but in some ways remain the same

Yes I do. I believethogh some people are stuck in negativity

i agree thats why i try not to get to close to them or stay around them they drag me down

Its myjob to pick them up

negativity is a dead end but every end is beginning of better next time


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