A Special Relationship

We all have a special someone whom we can talk to and not apart of your family i have a special relationship with this guy whom is like a brother to me because we have "grew up" together

This Guy i have known all my life and he is from Watsonville but now lives in LA with his girlfriend. I do care a lot about people but His Girlfriend has taken him from where he came from.

What I mean is This guy and I have always talk about Life, relationships and anything that we need to talk about.

When I do go up to Watsonville and see his parents it does not feel like my second home where i have a lot of memories because he is not there when i come up.

I do love his girlfriend she is so sweet and I feel like i can talk to her but this just not the same. With this special relationship i have with this guy means so much to me

i just miss him so much

How can I be happy for him when he is in love with his girlfriend what i know is that this special relationship is going to be strong as long as this guy and I talk and spend more time together.

I am so happy to have him in my life and because he is deeply in love with his girlfriend she too will be in my life as long as she and I can have a special relationship like I have with Kevin.

God gave me you
starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013