I've been told many times that I "care too much" and that I am "too nice." Screw that. I have a big heart that is filled with love and compassion for people. It makes me who I am, and will never change. Caring for others is a strength; a strength that I admire immensely in other people.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Everyone knows the saying; "you can't love others if you don't love yourself". Because humans are as mirrors, we compare everything, and sees in others what we know from ourselves, because how to recognize what don't know of? But I think the mirror is a two ways street. The capability to love others, care for others, makes one free to love and wanting to take care of oneself, as well. Because knowing one is a good person, must give the freedom required to feel that loving oneself, is then okay.

I envy you. (:

I have had the realization as well, and even not long ago, as a knowing and a realization are so very different things, that I once confused. Very powerful indeed, to me it was ugly, but the relief that came afterwards, releasing. Now I have to work with it, and see that when I strayed, I ended up somewhere far longer than I used to think. But every road can be walked buy the one who keeps moving, I believe. (: