I Truly Feel That U R Me

i truly feel that we are all connected - much more than we pay attention to.  i tryly believe that what i do to you, i am doing to myself.  and how i treat myself, effect you.  i realize we get more distant with each other as the planet fills up with more people than the human brain call really comprehend......but i think it's awful for anyone ( and all of us) to choose to walk down the street without feeling that all the people i pass are my brothers & sisters (yeah it's mushy too bad bbllltt!  : P).  That I am happily responsible for them, to a degree.  That if I coma across someone who needs help, who am I to refuse & make excuses???  And when i need help -- very often it's not there.  Know why?  Becasue people have forgotten that we are all family.  So i try to reach out & smile, and I deeply, gratefully appreciate those who reach out to me & smile.

I love this thought & I think having it would change everything:  Yes I have the family I was born into, and that is considered the traditional meaning.  BUT,

what if I truly considered EVERYONE to be family?? 


the ramifications of that thought touch & wow me..........


thx for reading : )


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If we all felt like that the world would be a better place.<br />
I believe in karma and the old saying we reap what we sow.<br />
I think helping each other out is the right thing to do. However, I am always disappointed when I need someones help that does not come thorough for me when I always have for them. I don't know why it's that way but maybe it is the quality of people they are. We all have our hearts and heads in different places. I am just glad there are those that think like you.

I wish there were more people like you in this world. This world be a better place. :)

thats beautiful and you r right about all u have said and it wow is the only reaction to ur hypothetical theory of what if we all.....however, its hypothetical because it's effin imagianry. The world is dark and most people at their end because of their own desire to serve the bad dog more than the good dog. Be careful out there..

You right Kylae ... but it's difficult to make all people in the same character because every one has own situation ... I used to stop for who asks me about specific areas or a direction but when I become who needs an information and one or two ignored me I just guess that he or she may be not in a good mood or they are late for something . So I just ask the next and I used to get a help .. any way I talked too much .. << don't give him chance to philosophize ;)<br />
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Thank ya

; P

right on sister!

ha ha

thx sadbury!!<br />
<br />
i'm a little lost there, johnny..:P<br />
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and momiji -<br />
eww gross!! lol<br />
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and quit braggin about how much more evolved u r than me!!! bbblllllttt!!

I thorght we did?

Nice thoughts indeed...I like it.....and you're right, it would be amazing if we all felt that way.

Nice thoughts indeed...I like it.....and you're right, it would be amazing if we all felt that way.