R.i.p Amanda Todd

I hadn't originally planned on writing a long anecdote revolving around Amanda Todd. However, after recent viewing on the multitude of hideous remarks flowing the Internet about her, I want to state my own opinion on the matter.
I will start by saying I can't believe anyone could possibly say negative comments about a girl who died less than a WEEK ago.
People who insult those who cannot defend themselves are truly pathetic.
This was a terrible event that took place. No one should ever feel the need to take their own life especially at the young age of only fifteen.
People are claiming she had brought the bullying on herself by sending out revealing pictures (sexting) and sleeping around with men.
What I have to say to that is who cares? Why does it matter so much that maybe she might have been sending revealing pictures before hand? Sure, that wasn't that best thing to do, but she was young, it was a mistake that she would probably learn from later in her life if she had been able to live that long.
Why are we even '****' shaming on this matter?
It doesn't matter what she might have done in her spare time. She didn't deserve to die. She didn't deserve to be bullied.
In fact, this 'sexting' issue can probably go along with her depression, which I can more than relate to. It's a amazing feeling when someone tells you you're beautiful when you absolutely hate every aspect about yourself. It isn't about the attention, it's about that brief moment you feel 'loved' by someone else. If she had been sleeping around, that too could be a contributing factor of the depression effects. You're just finding a way, any way, to get someone to care for you, even if it is for a short amount of time.
Another thing that has bothered me. Is people saying how could she sleep with a guy who she knew had a girlfriend? Why does that matter?
She wasn't cheating on anyone. That guy was cheating on his girlfriend.
We shouldn't be out to make Amanda Todd look like a horrible person or a '*****' but nor should we be trying to make her look like the epitome of a human being. We all make mistakes, she will never get a chance to learn from them though.

It is clear that Amanda was devastated for some kind – any kind – of attention she could attain even if her methods weren’t the most productive. If anything, we shouldn’t be acting like she is some sort of demon, we should recognize this as a cry for help. She wasn’t a dreadful person, she was a human being. And sometimes we need help.

No one was there for Amanda.

One last thing I want to point out people seem to be up in arms about this whole Amanda Todd Suicide Case getting so much awareness when so little teen suicides ever get to this publicity. There are two reasons why Amanda has hit the public eye so much, and they are as follows:

1) The video. Plain and simple. Without this video people wouldn’t have nearly known who she was, her story, or what she went through. This video provided something most people have never delved into. Something most people don’t even give a second thought to if they haven’t been where Amanda has. It gave us a true understanding about the effects of bullying, it makes the whole concept way more graspable, people can feel for her, relate.

2) Controversy. When you bring up any other case of suicide people can automatically feel so terrible for that person; however, in Amanda Todd’s case people can nitpick at everything little thing the public can dub as wrong. People love arguing, and will do it at any chance they can get even if it revolves around a young girl’s death. It’s a very saddening though, but alas it’s true. A fragility of mankind.  

What we really need to do besides this ******* bickering about her suicide is to actually learn something from this whole mess.
1) Sexting is very dangerous and this should always be expressed fully to children.
2) Parents should watch closely to what their child is doing on the Internet, because it is a dangerous place.
3) Parents should be better informed on how to handle a situation like this instead of just switching schools in hopes that will help.
4) We need to understand the mass effects bullying truly has.

Amanda, by committing suicide, wasn't a sign that she was weak -- it was a sign that she had been strong for far too long.

I hope you found peace at last Amanda Todd.
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I never gave a single crap for people who are so messed up they think the only way out was suicide. Her issue wasn't NEARLY close enough for that. I really don't care what you think. I'm just saying the truth.

First of all the RCMP told her mother to deactivate her social media accounts. Her mother didn't listen. Second it wasn't sexting. She was in a chat room full of people. 200 people. She became depressed after people where bullying her. Age has nothing to do with it. When I was her age I knew better!! And her father got her the webcam thinking its nit bad. After her mother told her no
she played her parents because they was divorced. Its horrible parenting on there part.

Another reason you forgot to mention why people care is this. She was hot, or at least thats what people think, personally i can't say i'd find a 12 year old or however old she was "hot" but apprantly alot of people find this dead girl attractive and looks it seems can get you a long way.

i think its a little too late for everyone to start showing love to someone whose dead. she died alone and in pain with her life shattered by her own stupid actions and the cruelty of others in responses to her stupidity. To the people saying that she has found peace, i think that dishonours her memory. She suffered to the last and is gone never to return.

now everyone wants to punish the bullies who did this to her and even anonmyous has gotten involved, revealing the guy who convinced her to flash her boobs and who posted pictures of her doing so online.

while vengence or justice or whatever name you want to give to it, is a good thing and will probrably make everyone feel better it still wont change the fact that thousands more lonely people exist out there embittered in depression and lonliness and i wonder if the huge ammount of publicity and support she is now getting will make them start thinking that the only way they can get the attention they need, they want. is by doing something drastic.

better to focus instead away from the death of amanda todd, there is even a wikipage for her sucide, and instead look at those who are still left alive and trying to help them and showing that death isn't the answer. then again,i have no faith in people at all and majority of people are too selfish or/and lazy or just plain unable to do anything about it, to really do more than say the obivous, how tragic her death was.

i find it more tragic that she was right in the end to kill herself as it got her everything she ever wanted. pity she isn't around now to enjoy it.

just my opinion on it.

Very true.


I would actually disagree a little - I dont see sexting as any more dangerous than any other form of flirting/courting/presexual dance. If you dont exist in a bullying environment, the only real danger is the usual heartache of any love.
As for parents being aware of what their teenagers are doing, um ... I've seen a constant war to try and obtain that for 20 years now, and parents simply can't keep up (frankly it would be a fulltime job to keep up with all the avenues open). Not that they shouldn't try ... but its important not to fool yourself that you actually know what your kids are doing on the 'net all the time.

True, but I am speaking in a idealistic manner.
Sexting is okay in a true relationship, you're right, I just feel you need to be careful doing it and who you are doing it with.
I'm merely saying parents should generally pay 'more' attention to what their kids are up to, if they don't already.

Oh absolutely. Mind you - speaking from current observations of a couple of teenage friends of mine: the parents who don't pay enough attention to what they do online, aren't really paying any attention to the rest of their lives either. Which is not to say that's ok - quite the reverse, it horrifies me how much suffering slides under the parental radar without ever registering.

Are you kidding? No-one deserves to die, but the way you presented your ideas made it seem like you thought that someone killed her. Do you really want to know who kills suicide victims? Suicide victims. Yes it is a tragedy that children of today with a world of help at their fingertips choose to seek the easiest way out. You claimed that she didn't deserve to be bullied? I would argue that she actually did. Flashing your chest isn't the worst thing in the world and I'm doubting her classmates did anything other than call her a ****. That's pretty standard in this day and age. Now sleeping with someone else's boyfriend when you knew all of the consequences of being caught? Yeah that's something I can't really defend. She didn't "cheat" on anyone but herself. Whoever would forsake their morals for the rumble between their legs probably deserves a degree of bullying. Do you know why? Because thats WRONG. We as a society should not encourage that! Negative reinforcement should exist and is useful when the crime is worth the punishment. Would you say if someone stabbed another person, that they shouldn't be jailed. It is the exact same situation with a slightly different flair to it. She got reasonable punishment for her crime. Now that that's all said and done it would not be fair to leave out what she didn't deserve. Amanda Todd was sexually harassed by that son of a ***** cyber stalker who started the whole mess in the first place. Wherever he is, I honestly hope that he is struck down where he stands. No-one deserves sexual harassment or assault and instead of focusing on "bullying" we should focus on the real problems which have been rampant in our society for all time. Patriarchal ideals that allow men to prey on women. To close, Amanda Todd is and always will be an incredibly selfish person because no one who cares for anyone but themselves would force everyone who loved them to be put through such a hardship. She was 15 and was not old enough to be "strong for far too long" but she was also too young to be considered weak. She was simply a selfish little girl who deserves the pity of everyone but the respect of none other than those who loved her. Anyone who continues to defend suicide should likely read a history book, or look across seas to see the hardships that children have had to face and overcome around the world for all time. I can tell you right now, Amanda Todd's story barely scratches the surface.


- John

I don't think you even understood my writing at all. You missed the point entirely. How sad, but I do write for adult intelligence only.
Try reading it a few more times and grasp what I'm really trying to say (:

Secondly, I'm glad you think we should bully a child who clearly had emotional issues to begin with as seen with the Sexting a sleeping around. She sought out any sort of attachment she could make. It's not selfish, it's a symptom of depression most likely.

Thanks, Willow, you captured my reaction to that little screed perfectly

Selfish? This poor girl endured more harassment and humiliation than anyone, let alone a 15 year old girl, should ever have to bear. NOBODY helped her and she had an adult alleged ********* threaten her with the flashing pic to gain further compliance. She was scared, depressed and she needed help; not sanctimonious disdain. She was a CHILD.... she didn't have the coping mechanisms that most adults do. I am all for personal accountability, but every adult around her failed to help............"I'm doubting her classmates did anything other than call her a ****." - Clearly you are not familiar with what this girl went through.........."Whoever would forsake their morals for the rumble between their legs probably deserves a degree of bullying" - Wow.... just wow.

Some people just aren't capable of feeling sympathy, I suppose.

John sounds like a bully himself.

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