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Just Thought I Add This

Just thought i should say, that in today's world where young kids face bullying in all forms, whether its txting, fb, ep or just plain face to face bullying, i myself have been bullied on ep.However to say something about someone dying is wrong, no matter how they died. I strongly believe this young girl, had just had enough. I want to let it be known idk her story. In the last few yrs, i have come to conclusion that slaping the kids on the hands and telling them no don't do that isn't enough. I believe if u were to lock them up for a period of time, and let them sit in prison for it, it would change people from bullying. Bully's are evil people, and whats done to them isn't enough.
sammiesweetheart sammiesweetheart 16-17, F 8 Responses Oct 21, 2012

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I agree with you iammeandudonotcontrolme, even on the memoral site of amanda todd she's still getting bullied and harassed. Even from each day.

You can't bully a dead person

Oh beware of a guy named PhilipJRose he signed up his account just to troll Amanda Todd stories, so just thought I would say something just in case he comes on this article also.

I suggest you to flag that person, because something needs to be done base on harassing on here.

Yeah I blocked him because I just couldn't stand hearing about what he said. I don't care what anybody says, Amanda Todd committed suicide and that is NEVER her fault, anybody who says it is Amanda's fault is just plain sick and disgusting.

Nope it wasn't her fault, ya she had a choice not to do it.. But from depression, and all those memorys including no one was there for her. It was at the breaking point she needed someone to control her..

Depression is a disease its not her fault despite what people say, she did not once lash out, that makes her innocence, she was never violent which makes this even more compelling.

She was not inoccent

themagijudal, stop trolling. You really don't know the back story of amanda. She done something that everyone has before and wish she hasn't.

She was harassed, bullied and stalked. As well blackmailed from internet. She had no escape from her life. So yes she was innocent themagijudal. She changed schools just to stop it. It didn't worked. She was still getting blackmailed from a adult pose as a teen. They found the guy. But she killed her self because she wanted it to stop.

If everyday was still the same I would of done that if I was a teen.. But when you get older. Out of school. It is all gone. No bullying, no harassing, no pickon. But she won't ever realize that. As she end of life because of those jerks.
So all those people should be held responsible of her life. And still her name. She still gets bullied. Names and other stuff. I am sure her parents see that stuff on here.

Ok if you were a parent themagijudal. And you made a facebook page for your daughter that end her life. Then place something to your heart something about a remembering by your daughter.
And awareness of bullying, cyber bullying and other stuff. And all you read is people are really mean to your daughter. Then you have to close out the facebook account.

Think before you reply to something from 2013

Yes I know the back story. She stayed of Facebook knowing that's how the guy was spreading the picture so it is her fault and I'm not trolling.

Second of all her OWN mother didn't listen to police when they said close ALL her social media accounts. Third when her mom said no to web cam she went to her dad. She was responsible for her actions. And as if that was going on my page deticicattex to my dead child I'd ban them. I'd get people who support my child to be mode. So yea plus when I was her age I wasn't stupid. Just like revenge **** websites I think the women get what they deserve,

As I said before you can't bully the dead.

themagijudal. Revenge **** website. You know it is fake right. Amanda didn't get what she deserved. When I was that age. I did stupid stuff aka social sites. Kids are always going to do stupid stuff themagijudal. The parents are the ones should of put a stop to it.

Still who cares what happen. Who cares about the back story. All it matters is that she was harassed and bullied and blackmailed. She felt there wasn't a escape for her blackmail.. I understand you have issues of your own. But please just leave it alone.

No its not fake.. Isanyoneup and isanybodydown are not fake revenge porm websites.

She wasn't raped. She wasn't abused by her parents. HER actions caused it to happen!! And I'm sure there was internet 35 years ago..

Internet was more then 35 years ago. First started around 1960's but publicly around in the late 90's

She wasn't abused or raped. But you can be blackmailed. Which is illegal. At sexual purpose can be form of rape. Look she was a teen. If I was a teen and my mother told me to take off my social sites. And even if I did. I would of find a way to get back on to see what people say about me.
So if your cousin was emotional abused from alone and in person. Because what she or he did. Then kill her or him self. Let me guess your answer is "his fault"

I have been verbally abused my whole life. And I didn't even knew it at first. Once I realized it. Even though I made it so people picked on me because I have mild aspergers. Then growing up. I made attempts to kill my self. Because of what my family did to me. And let me guess "Your actions that cause it to happen"

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Yup and the scary thing is though the adults of these kids justify their behavior, that's why they rarely get caught, its a joke in the school system, take it from someone who's been there (me.) Its really sad. R.I.P. Amanda (hugs)

I'm glad I didn't have a kid, what happens in public schools makes me not want to ever be forced to send a child there.

Bullying is used to downplay criminal acts, just look at what things bullying consists of.

See, that's not very legal, is it now? Even when kids do it, we've got a place for such people: juvenile prison.
The most common forms bullying can be translated in the following criminal charges (I tried to convert them into USA charges, I'm not American, so I might made some mistakes):
- Discrimination
- (Sexual) harrassment
- Assault (third to first degree)
- Battery (third to second degree)
- Manslaughter (second and first degree)
- Death by cause
- Libel
- Slander
- Robbery (third degree)
- Theft
- Forced captivity
- Destruction/damaging of others' property
- Accomplicement to criminal activities

Bullies should be arrested on counts of the above criminal acts, I recommend everyone who witnesses these crimes to make a civilian arrest (holding the perp in 1 place by all reasonable means and calling the authorities) when this is legal in your country and situation.

yes the time out chiar is not working

Exactly right.

I so agree with this post . ty for posting this . more people should read this it is so true. again great post!