For Amanda And Anyone Else Who Suffers

I just would like to make a comment on this poor child's unfortunate situation..this only an can take it how you want. All death's from bullying should all be taken seriously not just hers. I would like to say something about the schools she was attending. The comment in the papers about her schools and school counsillors supporting her is utter BULLSHIT. The system completely failed this child! The parents of these idiots should have been hauled in the office one at a time withe their families and the police and then see how tough they would have been. Her parents should have laid charges against these people and they should have been suspended indefinatley!! But because the system failed her she was forced out of school multiple times...the other option could have been home schooling but no one thought of that did they!!
I'm sick of everyone saying this is such a sensitive subject...if you are a parent then you need to take this seriously...Amanda Todd's death is a alert to us all!!

I would also like to comment on her parents...who in the hell let's their child go on the internet without being monitered!! I am sorry but I believe her parents did not do their job correctly one bit...a child on a chat room at ******* 12 COME ON...and her parents didn't know...that's BS to!! In multiple videos of her on YouTube ,you can see her mom running in and out ofroomwhile Amanda chatting on the web came probably to this pervert..a child doesn't know the dangers of the world at that age BUT her parents do!! But God forbid someone actually step up and comment on whose real fault it is here!! On the situation with the teenage boy that ticked to her getting her *** kicked...why the hell did her parents let her have
a cell phone after all that or even before that ..her numbers and FB should have been deleted permanantly!! But no she was continually allowed to go on these sites!!! If that was my kid everything would have been gone and numbers would have been changed and foots would have been put down to save and protect this child because that's what Amanda Todd was...a child who did not know the dangers of the world!!! And please remember it is not just her that suffered there are 100 and thousands of all ages that suffer daily...Amanda is a martyr not a legend...she is meant to show us and teach us the dangers of the internet and to moniter your kids at all times..teach them the dangers now before more are lost!! BE AT PEACE AMANDA TODD AND TO ALL THE OTHERS WITH HER...NO ONE CAN HARM YOU NOW..I AM SORRY NO ONE COULDSave you...HAVE A BLAST WHEREVER YOU ARE!! If u would like to comments pls do
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Yea that's what I'm saying!! The police told her mother to get rid of amadas social media accounts but she didn't listen.