It's True, But It's Just One Person.

Caring about this one person who made her own life a living hell? Why should we feel sympathy for JUST her? A whole lot of people kill themselves EVERYDAY. Do we hear about them? Does anyone care about them? NO because you all are stupid. Stopping the world for a couple weeks so we can remember one girl that showed her **** to a dude online. It's that simple. If she was never a ***** online, she wouldn't have been bullied off. I'm not saying I don't care about her. Yeah, it's a tragedy she killed herself, but it's also a tragedy that EVERYONE ELSE killed themselves. Some people don't even care about her, but you know what, they might be doing what's right because she brought this upon herself. We can't feel sorry for others mistakes. People make mistakes, people die. That's how the world works and sorry to be so cruel, but the world doesn't have time to stop for one little white-***** killing herself. You better recognize the OTHER people that killed themselves. MAKE IT STOP by RISE AGAINST. There are some more people. Are we going to stop the world for them? NO, because they are gone and we can't do anything about it but live life on. Thank you.
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Ok Please dont take tis as offensive. But you know that people who have had their entire lives dictated by others is kind of suceptible to this. And yes when people get into hard spots of sadness and hardship they will look for an escape, to her it was a boy because she probably for once actually felt ok, although all of this you could never really understand. Is it bad that she did that? Yes. Do i blame her after being tortured her whole life then talking to a guy online for that long and being that indebted? No. And the fact the guy not only used it against her for a long time afterwards, even going so far as to track her down after her whole family moved just for that purpose, No thats called a "stalker" "criminal" "Mentally-deranged sociopath focusing on one girl until it ended badly". Hitler had an entire country thinking what he did was okay, and to this day still has people who believe in his delusions... still think that words arent powerful? It was bad, but in this world? Not really uncommon. But what is uncommon is that a person will have an obsession over you, be a child pervert, and be so strongly mentally unstable to have such a strong obsession over one girl and stalk her down. I understand what you think but please dont be so harsh.

No, it is not that simple. Your understanding of the situation is extremely simplistic and juvenile. One, you called her a *****. She was your age and made a mistake. Apparently you don't do that. Two, this is not about just one girl. It's about a problem with our society that has been treated like something frivolous and childish. No, we're not remembering one person. We're remembering all those people you mentioned. We're not the ones dishonoring all of them. You are. You dishonor them when you call a dead teenager a *****. You dishonor them when you say she brought this on herself. That is enabling 101. And most of all you dishonor them when you say we're all stupid for trying to shine a light on people who are powerless because it's not happening in exactly the way you like. Grow up, little girl.

1. Did I say I didn't make mistakes? NO. I said she made her own mistake that everyone is sorry for her about. It's just that she made a mistake MOST of us wouldn't. 2. Yeah, it is her fault because she was young and naive and a ***** for showing her **** to some random *** dude on some chat site. 3. Yeah, we pretty much are just remembering ONE person, that's the groups name, right? DUH. 4. I am grown up. I am mature. I am more mature than most 21 year olds. All they do is drink and do drugs and take their lives NO WHERE. But I will be different. I refuse to go with the stupid crown and the has-been crowd. I will be the right-now crowd. I know where my life is headed. I will make my dream come true, even if it's the last thing I do! And Mark my words will everyone be sorry ***** when I become in power.

She did and didn't bring this opun herself.. She shouldn't of been so stupid to take those photos in reformat place but she didn't know she would have a weird stalker who wants to ruin her life..

Well, as I've been saying!! THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS. That's why there is such things called STALKERS, RAPISTS, and PEDOFILES. GET USE TO IT. There must be something wrong if you are 16 and think nothing bad will happen to you if you flash some random dude!! I'm telling you now, for the atleast sixth time, THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS. If you can't handle it, then you get depressed and etc!

She's wasn't just some dumb bimbo who showed her ****. It was a dude she had been talking to for awhile that pressured her into it. This happens to a lot of young girls, with the influence of peers and social media telling them to do stuff like this, but not all of them get stalked and blackmailed like she did. And you don't seem mature if you think the only thing most 21 year-olds are doing is drinking and doing drugs.There's no need for you to generalize like that. There are thousands upon thousand of 21 year-olds who are homeless, or working to provide for their families, or studying hard in college, etc.

It's not about "getting used to" or "handling" anything. No one should ever have to deal with a stalker, rapist, or *********. This girl was tortured relentlessly by a bunch of cruel bastards for mistakes that many other people have made. Abused to the point that she was trapped, and the only way out in her mind was to kill herself. And now she's a rotting corpse in the ground. I cared about her and that's not a bad thing. She's a human being, so why shouldn't I care? She deserved to be listened to, and loved, and cared about like every other human being.

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