Formerly Homeless Vietnam Era Vet, Grandmother-yeah I Care About "the Homeless"

"the homeless" that's what you all say as if we were a ethnic group. How about people experiencing homelessness. I mean homelessness is just a snapshot of life ; like a picture of you taken at the beach or in the woods. Doesn't mean you always have been at the beach does it? Homelessness is an economic situation that is all. Oh sure there might be some other undelying causes but even if one was mentally ill and had an income and someone to help them out, they might be able to afford a small place to live. If one were educationally handicapped, or otherwise disabled it would be the same way. If there were places that were affordable to live then people would live in them. Even the junkies would rather be inside that staying out in the open.


you care about "the homeless" how about first changing the language! call us what we are/were people who experienced or are experiencing homelessness.


thank you

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I agree with you noshadow one hundred percent as I have written in my other story on the homeless a few days ago.<br />
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What I don't agree with is someone who says that they were homeless but will act petty over the word that is used to describe the homeless(HOMELESS).I also don't agree that being homeless is just a snapshot of life..nor do I agree that all people are homeless because of economic reasons.And I sure don't think anyone is an expert at being homeless.<br />
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Anyway..I wrote my stories not out of disrespect for any hungry or homeless persons but out of compassion for them.So if this person sees a problem with that then I don't know what else to say.

I have given this subject much thought over the years. <br />
It would seem that if there is something our government could do that is benificial to society, this would be it.<br />
We have many places that could house the homeless and they could be be made fairly self sufficient, perhaps even show some growth in a community atmosphere. <br />
I have never been to the point of being completely homeless, but very close. I do have a lot of empathy for those that are in this situtation.

Tender young thanks although you are only a few years older than myself.!But let me say..I have been through more at my age than most people ever go through in a lifetime.I have seen more sorrow and pain than I would have liked to have seen.And I have been to hell and back more than once!No..I haven't lived your life and been where you have been but believe haven't lived mine or seen what I have seen either! <br />
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I think your missing the whole point of my story or anyone else's here on the homeless.<br />
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Anyway..once again..take care and it was my pleasure to have talked with you!

Perhaps you don't understand..just because you were homeless..doesn't mean that your an expert and I really don't need any kind of verification for your life is none of my business.Just because we have experienced doesn't make us any kind of expert.All we can do is share our experiences with others and hope that we can give strength and hope.You haven't a clue what my experiences with the homeless are and sad to say but my experiences are much more than just a small portion in my area but then that's not anyone elses business.When it comes to being homeless or working with them..I doubt anyone is an expert.I don't need you to convince me of anything as I'm not trying to convince you of anything so I guess that settles that.I'm not the one trying to change the wording is what it is and so is the world but still..homeless is homeless..meaning people without a the way..if your thinking that your better than the junkie down the street..don't fool yourself!They are human beings also and they are someone's child..maybe someone's parent or a sibling.Just because they have an addiction doesn't make them any less of a person.Yes..I know that some have blogs and such but most are grateful that people care about them and do what they can to help.They don't sit at a computer and act angry or bitter over that fact.Nor do they argue over them being called what they are.And most don't sit and judge other homeless for what they are or have been themselves.Anyway..think and say what you really doesn't matter but as far as all people being homeless because of an economic situation and that it a snapshot of have some real serious issues there.If the government would do more..many of those people would not be homeless on the streets or hungry digging in the garbage.Anyway..I'm done here because I'm not going to argue with someone who seems angry and bitter about those who do care!Take care!

One more thing..when I was much younger..if I wouldn't have had friends and family..I could have been one of the homeless.My point in all of this is..we live in a country(the United States) where no American should be hungry or homeless!

That's your opinion and you are entitled to it!<br />
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I call it for what it is..homeless!They have no home or anywhere to go.I have talked to and helped many homeless and they also call it like it is..they call it being homeless.<br />
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I mean no disrespect whatsoever to any hungry or homeless person and I do care about them very much.If you would have read my story or stories about the homeless..I state that they are human beings like anyone else.<br />
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You are so wrong!Many people are homeless and it has nothing to do with the economic situation.They are homeless for many different reasons..some have been for years and some die homeless.That is not a snapshot of life!That is living in the streets and looking for food or shelter wherever they can find it.<br />
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As for the rest of your makes no sense and doesn't fit in with what we've been discussing.It sounds like you are a very angry and bitter person!<br />
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I also don't believe that a true homeless person living in the streets would be on a computer arguing that they shouldn't be called homeless or that their just a snapshot of life.<br />
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Have a good evening!