People tend to not understand why I care more about animals than people. It's not that I don't love people - I do. But when I hear a sad story about people suffering or dying, I really just have a mild "Oh, wow, that sucks" reaction, while when I hear any kind of sad story about animals my heart breaks and I can actually feel my blood pressure rise. My boyfriend has actually gotten upset with me before because of it.

The way I look at it, animals deserve my sympathy and my outrage more. People typically have a voice. They can ask for help. They can protect themselves. If they're hurting or scared, they have critical thinking skills that tell them why they're feeling that way, and how to make it stop. In the case of children & the elderly or disabled who might not have a voice, they have other people there to fight for them whether it's their parents, other family members, or just fellow citizens who are willing to stand up for another helpless human being...

But animals are overlooked... They're considered second-class, and creatures less worthy of compassion and advocacy, as if they don't feel emotions and physical pain the same way humans do... Just because they can't say it out loud doesn't mean it's not there. If you just look, you can see it in their eyes and their actions. But most people don't look, and that's why I care about them more than I care about people. If you're a human, someone almost always has your back, even though humans are much less helpless and have a voice of their own even at a young age. Animals don't have that luxury. I seem to be one of the few who cares, and that ****** me off.
chasinghappiness07 chasinghappiness07
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012