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I Truly Do

Everyone I meet, pass by, or see on TV, magazines, hear their voice on the radio etc., I care about their souls! I want so badly for everyone to go to heaven, I don't want any one to go to hell! I pray that i can help as many people as i can make better changes and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, for he is the only one who can save your soul.

LoveIsJesusChrist LoveIsJesusChrist 31-35, F 5 Responses Aug 29, 2009

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Nicely penned...May you always walk in beauty..:)

I feel the same way. I want everyone to be saved. It breaks my heart for the ones who won't go to Heaven. I pray for the atheists and the criminals salvation and freedom of sin. I also pray for people who I don't think have others praying for them, the homeless and the sick. And of course for all the starving and abused children in the world, I pray for them too. Please think of them and include them in your prayers.<br />
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God bless you. You have a sweet heart.

Sometime I weep because I see and know people that mistreat and don't love themselves and do horrible things without thinking of their eternal lives. God loves us and and wants us to be our very best through Him.<br />
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"He came many times all around the world and will come back to you soon. He is not just for Jews... or Christian Gentiles for that matter."<br />
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I am so suprised at how many people that love God that do not accept this statement. God choses whichever vessel he likes and it is at HIS discretion. I SO agree. I like this group =)

I dont fear the world i do fear God in His judgments but i also know He loves me when He visits me He always shows me that. But i mostly fear satan and demons after experincing them you have no way of not being afraid. <br />
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I can't help but care about other soul's for i dont want them to go to hell and yes hell is real.

Well, i understand how you feel. It is a mixture of compassion and fear for others. I felt that way at one time as well. Over the years, however, I abandoned fear all together. <br />
<br />
"perfected love drives out fear"<br />
"the fear of the Lord is THE BEGINNING of wisdom"<br />
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There is nothing to fear if God is Love than in the long run we were all "saved" and it cannot be undone. I am a father and I do not burn my children when they are bad. I only correct them temporarily.<br />
<br />
And BTW, the One of Whom You Speak was Jesus the Christ. A Christ is an incarnation of God. A Christ is a guide, a teller of truth and an example of love. WAY, TRUTH, LOVE is Christ.<br />
<br />
He came many times all around the world and will come back to you soon. He is not just for Jews... or Christian Gentiles for that matter. <br />
<br />
Don't fear for the world. en-JOY it! You are free indeed.