A Letter To The Church

"So do not become proud, but stand in awe." Romans 11:20
Jesus Christ was never afraid to speak the truth but he always spoke it in love: he was the quintisential role model of firmness that was tempered at all times with a never ending desire for the end result to be one of positive change. He was consumed with a righteous and zealous love for the Father, the church, his friends and enemies alike. His goal was one thing and one thing only, to wake up the sleeping and reconcile them to himself. There were never any ulterior motives driven by pride, ego, or anything else, and any admonishment given was born of love. He turned the tables in the temple, drove the moneychangers out, and rebuked the proud not because he had a problem with anger, but because he saw a wrong that needed to be corrected. He shook the prideful to their core and still can to this day, whether it be thru scripture, sermon, or a letter from a recovering addict like myself, a one time murderer and adulteress, a one time suicidal woman bent on destruction and headed for eternal separation from God . A loving soul speaking truth can look like anyone at anytime. He can and will use the weak to lead the strong, He even used a donkey for goodness sake.

In the book of Mark Jesus says to the Pharisees, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Guess what, we have ALL fallen short of the glory of God. ALL of who have hated are murderers in their heart, ALL who have lusted with their eyes are adulterers. We are ALL guilty, one nail at a time of crucifying our Savior. It was ALL of our sins that held him to that tree. We should never become proud of our so called lack of sin or compare our sins to the person standing next to us because we are all stained with the blood of Jesus. Period. I have seen with my own eyes and have been that brand new believer who fell thru the cracks of a church; whether it be because I was judged or whether it be because there were no safety checks in position to ensure that did not happen. Whether it was because the church of modern day society resembles the church of Jesus' time who walked in pride and self satisfaction I do not know. Let me tell you what I do know, I may have found my way back but many will not. It is crucial that we never become so stuck in our pew that we forget that we are all sinners and in need of the same covering from Christ as the homeless, the addicted, the brand new believer and the unbeliever alike. The person who has been a christian for 25 years is in no higher standing in God's eyes than the struggling newcomer who just walked in off the street. In reality, more often than not, the person who is new to the church has MORE of a fire within them to be with God than the person who has been there for years and who and is lukewarm as a result. We are the church of Laodicea and about to be spit out His mouth. We say we are," rich and do not need a thing," I say we are losing the truth because we are sitting on it. There is a message of love that needs to be revitalized and taken to the world. The message is the same but the circumstances of this society are such that we are losing the generation that will come behind us at a faster rate than ever before. People are dying and we need to wake up! For example, that poor looking man or woman you just walked by; YOUR face may be the last image of the church they will ever see. That brand new soul that just walked into church for the first time and NO ONE reached out to, that may be the last time they ever try to find God. That person you just ignored is someone's precious son or daughter. That person is YOUR, MY, brother and sister because we are ALL God's children. If this message offends you, I ask why? Is it because you see a change needed, that maybe YOU need to change? We all need to get out of the pew, myself included, and BE the church, not just GO to church. My prayer is that this letter to the church sparks a revolution of love and change for all of us, Seventh Day Adventist or not. Start a small group, or ask your church to start one. No follow up team for new believers, start one. Already one, help teach it. No street team taking the truth out there to the front lines where people are starving for the truth, start one. Already is one, join it. Get out of the pew and BE THE CHANGE you want to be. Sitting in a pew can't save anyone, sharing the love and being transformed by it can and will. I ask everyone reading this to pray about this and then listen to God as to what He tells you to do and then DO it. Stand in awe of what can happen to the church if l only we will act.

girl4god girl4god
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2012