The Man On The Side Of The Road

This email is written in sorrow and tears as I again plead for the very lives of hurting people everywhere. I had the misfortune a few minutes ago of viewing the body of a probable murder victim; I say probably because the gentleman's body was wrapped in a tarp except for the feet and discarded on the side of the road like a piece of garbage. This message is specifically written for the desperate souls out there who mistakenly believe that they would be better off dead. All throughout the blog website I write on I see groups catering towards souls contemplating suicide, that self mutilate, that have anorexia, bulimia, depression, the list is endless. If you are in one of those categories and even if you are not, this message is for you. Please read it and pass it on.
As I have written about time and time again, at various points in my life I was suicidal and one time in particular I barely escaped with my life after a drug overdose. The nurses told me that God must have had a plan for me because I was not expected to survive and yet I did. Death is permanent and there is no way to undo it unless raised from the dead like Lazarus and the widow's son. I implore each and every person who longs for death to stop and think before acting. Whether you believe it or not life is precious and so are you! Keep reading and I will give you the secret of what saved my life.
It is actually quite simple though profoundly beautiful. I accepted Jesus into my life and as a result He healed me from the crippling pain I had in my heart since I was a small child. I had my very first thought of suicide at the tender age of just 10 years old and many years later I was just as desperate and just as lost. I mistakenly believed that I was alone and that God didn't care about what happened to one pathetic soul. I can tell you that I have NEVER been so wrong about something as I was that! God adored me then, He adores me now and he loves us ALL so much that He created a way to heal this broken world. Jesus Christ willingly sacrificed himself as a way for all who accept his love to be redeemed, forgiven, healed, and saved for all eternity. There are many reading this who have had a bad experience with organized religion and I am here to tell you that God's love and the institution of religion are entirely separate. Pastors may let us down, parishioners may let us down, every person on the face of the planet will at one time or another let us down. God never will. Our PERCEPTION of God may be flawed but God never is.
Life is short and this world has much evil in it, we need a place to go to shake off the dirt of Satan's evil deeds and find peace. As someone who experienced hell on earth and was snatched from the pit of despair by a loving God I am here to tell you that God saved my life and He WILL help you too if you will only reach out and ask Him. Please don't let Satan finish what he has started, reach out for the love right now that you are so freely being offered. That man on the side of the road may have mistakenly thought he would have another day to make that choice. Little did he know that today would be his last day on earth. Satan will do everything he can to kill you like he did to that poor man I saw today, PLEASE don't let him have one more second of your precious life. He will either physically kill you, spiritually kill you, or both. Cling to the hope that God has placed in front of you by accepting His glorious plan for your life. Don't wait a second longer, He is waiting with open arms.
girl4god girl4god
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2012