A Lesson From The Parting Of The Red Sea

"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something when the bible says you can do all things thru Christ." -Unknown

Yesterday Satan had me in doubt that I could be a successful missionary because I was so shaken up by the death of the man on the side of the road. For anyone who did not read it, "The Man On The Side Of The Road" can be viewed on my blog. Regardless, my dream is to build and work in an orphanage in Africa and Satan tries to convince me I should give up that dream because I am simply too sensitive and will never be able to cope with such adversity. He tries to tell me that I will never be strong enough to deal with the repeated suffering I will see in Africa. I have even had well meaning people attempt to persuade me that the dream is either unrealistic due to my Multiple Sclerosis, the fact that I am a single parent, or there is just to much red tape and cost involved in building an orphanage. All had valid points I will concur, but doing what you KNOW is your destiny and God has given you direction to do cancels out everything else. Case in point, when the Israelites were being pursued by Pharaoh's men on one side and had nothing but the Red Sea in front of them they had for all intensive purposes no where to go! They were facing a seemingly hopeless and insurmountable situation and then the miracle happened; the seas were parted and they were granted safe passage. God told them He would provide a way to do His will and He, as He always does, kept His promise. Common sense told God's people they were doomed for failure and annihilation and their Father told them something different. They were told to move into the Sea FIRST, regardless of the odds and then God would do the rest. Wow! What trust they would had to have. They were obedient even unto the possibility of death and they were rewarded for their obedience.

So that being said, is there a dream that YOU have but the world or Satan tells you cannot come to pass? Have you been given a task from God to do that appears foolish in the world's eyes but you KNOW you are supposed to have faith and God will provide a parting of the Red Sea for you? Doing the will of the world is often more convenient, less hassle, and often less painful than obeying God but sacrifice is never 100% painless. That's why many don't do it. I praise God that I can lean on God's word and claim the promise that I CAN in fact, "do all things thru Christ who strengthens" me, and you can too! The bible verse does not say that we can do SOME things, It says, ALL things. So if you have a difficult task God has told you to do, have the blessed assurance that God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. Let Him part the Red Sea for you, yes YOU!!

girl4god girl4god
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2012